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Byron Stark was an average 1950s teenager until he was killed by the wreck of an alien spaceship.  He wasn't dead for long however, as the technology from the ship was able to bring him back to life, or at least about halfway, thanks to a strange glowing ectoplasmic goo that now makes up about half of his body. 
He has vowed revenge for the death of his family and girlfriend, who as it turns out was pregnant at the time. 
He ended up becoming part of Superboy's Ravers team. 
At some point he also managed to win an alien motorcycle in a game of truth or dare. 

Powers and Abilities

Half-Life is able to fire off the ectoplasmic goo that makes up his body at his enemies. 
Since he is undead, he is quite difficult to kill completely. 
He is also an accomplished racer.

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