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George Hale is a not very successful young reporter who is made fun of by older reporters because he can never seem to get a good story and is thought a weakling because of the vitamin pills he is always taking.

However while on a story that the others had dismissed as nothing turns out to be a real plot against scientists working for the government in the war effort.

While interviewing Professor Langreth, one of the possible targets of the conspiracy, the gang strikes and shoots the professor, before he dies however he gives George what he was working on, a large bottle of pills that grant the young reporter temporary invisibility. He uses this to follow the gang and stop them.

He later uses the pills to investigate other mysteries and then report on them, much to the chagrin to his colleagues as his success grows.

Later he is joined in his investigations by fellow Herald reporter Vicky Dale.

Current Events

Hale of the Herald hasn't appeared since his run in Thrilling Comics

Powers & Abilities

Hale of the Herald was an adept news anchor, and was very good at what he did. He was also an above average fighter, and is very courageous. Plus he has a bottle of pills that turn him invisible for a short while.


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