Character » Hala appears in 15 issues.

    One of the last surviving members of the Kree Accuser Corps.

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    Mayor History Arcs


    She was first seeing in the Doctor Doom ruled Knowhere, in Battleworld. When the Guardians of Knowhere defeat Yotath the Destroyer, she appears via teleportation in the outside of the Celestial head.

    As the Guardians and Hala doesn't speak the same languaje, Angela think that her intentions are agresive, and attack them. During the battle, Hala defeat the entire Guardians team; and kill the entire Battleworld Nova Corps (Captain Marvel, Venom, Nova/Richard-Rider, Iron man and Adam Warlock) and Angela, but it's finnaly kille by Gamora.

    All New All Different Marvel

    She was latter revived, when the universe was restored by Reed Richards.

    As a Kree Accuser, she was send by the Kree Supreme Intelligence to free a planet enslaved by the Badoon. When she return from the mission to the Kree homeworld, she find the world destroyed.

    Time latter, she tooks revenge for her homeworld destruction, and attack the Spartoi empire homeworld, Spartax. In the attack, she fight against the Guardians of the Galaxy and the entire Spartax Royal Guard, defeating both of them without difficulty. But in a distraction, Kitty Pryde phase her legs in the floor, and The Thing knock-out her.

    She was imprisioned by the Spartax Royal Guard, and apparently was returned to the Kree Empire

    Powers and Abilities

    She wears a Kree high-tech exoesqueleton, that enhance her physical attributes, and enable her to flight and survive in the vacuum of space.

    Her weapon it's a Spear-version of the Kree Accuser Corps Cosmi-Rod/Universal-Weapon; capable of manipulate the cosmic energy and utilize them for energy blasts, teleportation, and enhanced their blade-cutting capabilities. She was seeing wearing two different of this spears, one in battleworld and the other in the main reality.

    She has an unusually high level of durability for a Kree race member. In one ocassion, she resisted beign crossed by two swords in the torax, and remains conccious after beign hited in the head by The Thing, and beign phaset with the floor by Kitty Pryde. So, it's very probable that her body has cybernetic improvements, like other Accuser Corps members.

    She showed some level of reality warping resistance, as she remember the basic reality when it's trapped in Doom's battleworld.

    Combining all this powers and abilities, she is so powerfull, that can fight with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Spartax army at the same time, damaging the planet, the army and the guardians members in the process.

    Physical Aspect

    She has the appaerance of a high blue-skinned woman, with various black tatoos in her face. She wears a exoesqueleton-suit, so only her neck and head skin are visibles.

    In battleworld, she wears a cybernetic helmet, a grey spear, and was bald.

    When she returned to the main reality, she has long and very decored black hair, and a simple gold metal helmet.


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