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    The father of Malcolm who is quite a coward and normally acts childish at times.

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    Hal is the husband of Lois and the father of Malcolm, Reese, Francis, Dewey and later Jamie and he is the Assistant Manager at his Office as a Desk Worker.

    Early and Personal Life:

    Hal was born into a Upper-Class Family to his parents Walter and Sharon and grew up with two sisters Claire and Amelia, but ever since that day he got graduated from high school as he meets his sweetheart Lois, they got married and then had four troublemaking boys Francis, Reese, Malcolm, Dewey and later on Jamie.

    Hal seems to be very happy with his life as he got married to Lois because ever since childhood he knew nothing about his rich family as his father Walter seems to misunderstand him and the rest of them seem to have hatred for Lois as they enjoy insulting her like in the episode of Season 4 Family Reunion and he really loves his sons as well because Hal is more of a patient parent then his wife Lois, but later on in the series that he has no tolerance towards his boys for thier menacing behaviour.


    Hal seems to be a nice guy and much more of a coward as his weakness that he can’t stand heights, but unlike his wife Lois who is temperamental, he is much of a bumbling father for his own stupidity like for examples he took the boys while skipping school for the day out for Stock Car Races and even bonding their shares doing other crazy stunts, however despite all that he is willing to discipline his sons whenever Lois is involved.


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