Hal Jordan's Asteroid

    Location » Hal Jordan's Asteroid appears in 3 issues.

    Hal Jordan's home and base of operations during his year long exile from Earth. Jordan's asteroid was located on the border of Space Sectors 2813 and 2814.

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    For a period of one year the Guardians of the Universe exiled Hal Jordan from his homeworld as punishment for spending too much time on Earth and for knowing too little about the Universe at large.

    While in exile, the Green Lantern of Earth created a base of operations on a barren asteroid adrift in Space Sector 2814. Hal Jordan would stay in this habitat for five weeks, until the drifting asteroid came in proximity to the M'Brai system and Hal was given his mission by the Guardians.

    Jordan used his power ring to create an energy bubble around the asteroid and preserve a breathable atmosphere. Jordan used the asteroid as a home base and would store his Power Battery there when he was out on a mission. On one occasion, the Guardians shifted the course of the asteroid to involve Jordan in a confrontation with Dalor of Timron, Green Lantern of Space Sector 2813.

    Though far from Earth, the asteroid was still reachable by one of Jordan's oldest foes, Hector Hammond. Sensing the temporary home of Green Lantern was centered on a piece of the meteorite which had given him his tremendous mental powers, Hammond caused the asteroid to come to life and attack Jordan. Green Lantern was forced to destroy the asteroid to protect himself. Though Hammond retrieved the meteor, using it for his purposes destroyed it, and he was later defeated by Jordan. Retrieving his power battery, Jordan set off to the planet Talkor to find a star cruiser he later used as a new home in the stars.


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