THe Old Skooler returns

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I don't know how most people feel, but I like that they brought back the old man. Hal has is the heric kind of lantern. Not to dog Kyle though, he is still the dreamer, but he can bring the power when he is needed.

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I like Guy, myself.

I don't dislike Hal, but I think it's unfortunate that they had to completely retcon all of Emerald Twilight. it was such a great story, and Parallax/Spectre gave Hal so much good character development. You never see big, lasting changes like that to popular characters, and I was sad to see it thrown out the window.

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True, but the whole Spectre/ Jordan split gave way to the whole Day of Vengence which was a great story.

Guy is an underplayed Lantern too. He is kind of the bad cop that you would see in the interrigation room.

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