Green Lantern Short Fanfilm

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This is my second attempt at the suit change effect, and my first attempt at the constructs, I think the constructs could be better! I am happy with the suit change, although I think I may have come up with a better way since making this, I will probably do that at some point soon! However this is my short fan film or Hal's ring warning him of a terrorist attack(on a farm house lol) so he flies to save the day! Give me an honest opinion, what you liked/didn't like, constructive criticism, or any other characters or effects you'd like me to do? :) Thanks!

One thing I'll do next time: Add shadows on the floor below the constructs!

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awesome effects

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That was actually very well done.

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Oh no, he changed his shirt. Great video, keep it up.

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hey right on man!

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good film bad costume

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