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    Member of the Mr. Sinister's Nasty Boys

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    Not much is known about Michael Suggs and his time before he joined a mutant mercenary group named the Nasty Boys.


    Hairbag was created by Peter David and Larry Stroman in 1992 and first appeared in X-Factor # 75.

    Major Story Arcs

    With Sinister

    Michael Suggs was recruited by Mr. Sinister to be in his group Nasty Boys. He took on the name of Hairbag and fought against the government sponsored X-Factor team. In the fights with the team X-factor Hairbag often fought against Wolfsbane . In the final fight with the Nasty Boys the whole team was arrested and Hairbag was sent to prison along with fellow team mate Slab, but both were broken out of prison but the Mutant Liberation Front and returned to the Nasty Boys shortly after being rescued. Hairbag was one one of the few mutants to retain his powers after M-Day.

    Druglab and death

    Many months later, Hairbag was seen again when he and fellow teammates Gorgeous George and Slab where attacked by X-Man Psylocke, whom crashed their Mutant-groth-hormone drug-lab. Hairbag was the last to stand, but was also soon defeated by Psylocke and presumably taken in by authorities.

    When the Upstarts reformed, they killed the Nasty Boys, using them as a bait, to find the X-Men.

    Hairbag is later brought back to life by the benefits of Krakoan society. He is currently working with the mutant Peepers, keeping watch on the planet Mars and the mutant activities thereof. There is no backup coming for Hairbag and Peepers, as an attack has crippled Krakoan life.

    Powers & Abilities

    Hairbag is a mutant with an animal like appearance. He is covered in fur and has razor sharp claws on his hands and feet and fangs. He has superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes and enhanced senses. Hairbag can also emit a lethal gas from his mouth to disorient his enemies.

    In other media

    X-Men Animated Series (1994)

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    Hairbag featured prominently in the 90's X-Men cartoon which aired on Fox kids. Here he showed an additional power of toxic/blinding breath which was never shown in any of his comic book appearances. In the X-Men series that aired on Fox Kids, Hairbag was depicted with a distinctive Jamaican accent.

    He also appeared in its comic book equivalent in X-Men Adventures.


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