Haikyū!! #21

    Haikyū!! » Haikyū!! #21 - Concept no Tatakai released by Shueisha on May 7, 2016.

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    Proper Japanese Title: コンセプトの戦い (Konseputo no tatakai)

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 181: Duking It Out, Round 2 (殴り合い第2ラウンド Naguriai dai 2-raundo)
    • Chapter 182: A Message Conveyed (おくることば Okurukotoba)
    • Chapter 183: The Person We've Yearned For (欲しがった男 Hoshi gatta otoko)
    • Chapter 184: I've Never Had This Feeling Before (はじめての感情 Hajimete no kanjō)
    • Chapter 185: Move, My Legs (頑張れ俺の太腿 Ganbare ore no futomomo)
    • Chapter 186: Volleyball Fanatic (バレー馬鹿たち Barē baka-tachi)
    • Chapter 187: The Daytime Moon (昼の月 Hiru no tsuki)
    • Chapter 188: A Battle Of Philosophies (コンセプトの戦い Konseputo no tatakai)
    • Chapter 189: Declaration of War 2 (宣戦布告・2 Sensen Fukoku 2)
    • Chapter 190: The Next Battle (次の戦い Tsugi no Tatakai)

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