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    Keeper of the Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, and friend to Harry Potter

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    The son of a human man and Fridwulfa, a giantess, Hagrid was raised mostly by his father, as his mother left them at a young age. He grew quickly and much larger than regular children due to his giant blood. At the age of eleven he was sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he was sorted into Gryffindor. In his third year, at the age of thirteen, he was expelled from school after the acromantula that he had secretly acquired was discovered by Tom Riddle and alleged to be Slytherin's monster, which had been attacking students in the school. His wand was snapped and he was officially prohibited from performing magic after his expulsion. Albus Dumbledore, then the professor of Transfiguration, was able to persuade the Headmaster to allow Hagrid to stay on at the school as groundskeeper. During the First Wizarding War he joined the Order of the Phoenix.  


    Hagrid was originally created by JK Rowling for her Harry Potter series of books, making his first appearance in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. He made his first appearance in comics in Mad #412.  

    Major Story Arcs

    The Philosopher's Stone  

    Hagrid rescues the infant Harry Potter from the home in which his parents have recently been murdered and ferries him to the Dursley's house in an enchanted motorcycle. Ten years later he is tasked with collecting Harry from his relatives and informing him that he is a wizard. Later he takes Harry to Diagon Alley to purchase school items, as well as collecting a mysterious package from Gringotts which is later revealed to be the Philosopher's Stone. He contributes his three-headed dog, Fluffy, to guard the Stone. During the school year he becomes friends with Harry, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. He meets a mysterious stranger in a pub, later revealed to be Professor Quirrell, who plies him for information about Fluffy and trades him a dragon's egg, which Hagrid hatches in secret but is forced to give up. He later reveals details about Fluffy to Harry and his friends.  

    The Chamber of Secrets 

    Hagrid's reason for expulsion is revealed, as is the fact that his acromantula, Aragog, was not actually responsible for the Monster of Slytherin's attacks. When the Monster returns to the school, however, blame again finds Hagrid, who is arrested. While he is being taken away, he advises Harry and Ron to "follow the spiders," which sends them to Aragog, who explains some of the relevant backstory. He is released from prison after the truth behind the attacks is revealed. 

    The Prisoner of Azkaban 

    Hagrid is assigned the position of Professor of Care of Magical Creatures. During his first lesson with the third years one of his hippogriffs, Buckbeak, attacks a student, Draco Malfoy, after Malfoy had shown it disrespect. The hippogriff is sentenced to death for this attack, which greatly distresses Hagrid, who begins running very boring lessons to prevent any such incidents from happening again.  

    The Goblet of Fire

    Hagrid has his half-giant heritage exposed by nosy reporter Rita Skeeter, who further insinuates that he is incompetent and a danger to his students. Distressed, Hagrid attempts to resign but is refused by Dumbledore. He develops a romantic attachment to the head of Beauxbatons Academy, Olympe Maxime, a fellow half-giant. He later secretly tells Harry about the content of the first task of the Triwizard Tournament, which involves dragons. He provides Blast-Ended Skrewts to wander the labyrinth in the third task.  

    The Order of the Phoenix 

    Hagrid travels across Europe alongside Madame Maxime on behalf of the Order to attempt to sway the giants to the side of the Order. This attempt fails due to the arrival of Death Eaters, and Hagrid is seriously wounded by the giants. He and Madame Maxime leave, with Hagrid insisting on bringing his newly-discovered half-brother, Grawp, along with them, despite the protests of both Maxime and Grawp, who wishes to remain with the giants. Despite his repeated violent attempts to return home, Hagrid brings his brother to Hogwarts, where he hides him in the Forbidden Forest. He is targeted for firing by Dolores Umbridge, who eventually manages to secure an arrest warrant for him. He manages to escape before he is arrested, returning when Dumbledore returns as Headmaster. 

    The Half-Blood Prince

    Hagrid is saddened when his three favourite pupils, Harry, Ron and Hermione, decide not to continue with Care of Magical Creatures. Later, Aragog dies, and Hagrid mourns for his friend, becoming quite drunk at a small funeral attended by Harry and Professor Horace Slughorn. At the end of the year, his hut is set ablaze by fleeing Death Eaters. At Dumbledore's funeral, he carries the body.  

    The Deathly Hallows 

    Hagrid travels to the Dursley's house as a member of the delegation assigned to pick Harry up. He flies Harry to the Burrow in his enchanted motorcycle, coming under attack from Voldemort himself on the trip. Hagrid returns to Hogwarts, where he is eventually forced to flee into the mountains by the Death Eater regime that has been installed at Hogwarts. During the Battle of Hogwarts he returns to fight on the side of the school and the Order. He attempts to protect the acromantulas, but is carried off by them instead. He is later taken captive by Death Eaters and held in their camp, where he is witness to the apparent death of Harry. He is then forced to carry Harry's body from the Forest. While leaving the Forest, he castigates the Centaurs for not taking part in the battle. After Harry is revealed to still be alive, Hagrid joins the battle 

    Powers and Abilities

    As a half-giant, Hagrid is very large, and incredibly strong. His heritage also grants some magical protections, and he has been shown to be impervious to many minor spells. He is a wizard, and so capable of wielding magic to a variety of effects. However, due to his expulsion he has been officially prohibited from performing magic and has a limited repertoire of spells on which to rely due to his truncated education. He keeps his wand, or fragments of it, in a pink umbrella, which he uses to cast spells. He is gifted with animals, both magical and normal, and has a vast collection of knowledge pertaining to them.  

    Other Media


    Harry Potter Series 
    Hagrid appears in all eight movies in the Harry Potter series. He is portrayed as an adult by Robbie Coltrane, and as a teenager by Martin Bayfield. 


    Hagrid appears in numerous game adaptations of the Harry Potter series. 


    Harry Potter Series 
    Hagrid was originally created for the Harry Potter series of books. He has appeared in all seven books in the series.  


    Hagrid features in numerous parodies and comedic works. Notable appearances include on sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, in the web series Potter Puppet Pals, and in a sketch on charity program Comic Relief, among a range of other appearances.

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