Character » Hagen appears in 22 issues.

    A powerful and conniving sorcerer; after the obsidian age he became Atlantis's prime minister by foul means.

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    An Atlantean magic-wielder who rose to power under the rule of Gamemnae. Hagen became the nation's prime minister by controlling the empress Mera, through a mix of narcotics and sorcery.

    Fashioning himself as an ultra-nationalist. The first thing Hagen did with Mera as his puppet was remove Orin from power and sentence him to die on mercy reef, while at the same time. Abuse his power to try and punish people in his service unjustly in secret trials judged and tried by him and his cronies. Further abuse of his power showcased his more speciest persona as he made it so Atlanteans had to swim or float at all times.

    He even ordered the reconstruction of modern Atlantis to reflect his mindset by removing all surface based structural establishments as to better distance it from human civilization. Eventually his surface hating bigotry reached a fever pitch while in the midst of a vengeful uprising, unbeknownst to him at the time; by Vulko and a failed experiment of his dark magic super soldier program, Man O'War.

    As his new order built around the notion of xenophobia steadily cemented, Hagen along with his hoary host enacted a scheme that would enable Atlantis take over the world. Casting a long standing spell of mutation that would steadily then gradually mutate each and every form of sea life into an insidious abomination aimed at the surface world. In the meantime Hagen would further consolidate and misuse his power by ordering the deaths of Dolphin and Cerdian, the son and wife of former royalist Garth of Atlantis in secret.

    In order to help with the rebuilding of Atlantis he and his cabal would take to the mutating and domesticating of monstrous sea life that he and other mystics created in their labs When the time came for the abominable dark craft. The same craft that created the Man O War helping Vulko overthrow him.

    As most of the entire ruling council had been dispatched by an assassin in the night. Hagen and a small army of mariners would move in on the unsuspecting former prime minister when news had been relayed to Hagen about him speaking of a patriotic vendetta


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