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Greek & Roman Mythology

Hades is/was the god of the dead. He lives in the underworld, the heavily guarded land that he ruled. He was married to Persephone (daughter of goddess Demeter) which he kidnapped. He is the older brother or Zeus and Poseidon, and the eldest of the sons of the Titan Cronos.

His Roman counterpart is Pluto.

DC Universe

In the New 52 Hades appears to be but a child with pasty white skin, a dark suit of armor and most unusually a number of candles where the melted wax obscures most of his face above the nose. As a more modern name for himself he told Lennox to call him Hell.

He is still the ruler of the underworld and the dead, but it appears deeper than it first sounds, more that the reason his realm carries his own name is because he literally is his own realm and everything in it is an extension of his will.

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