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When one chapter ends another must begin


The cover I really liked and when I see it. It makes me want to pick it up.


Cassie is on wood that kind of looks like a cross. Sarah is with her and Sarah thinks that Cassie is just like her. So, she lets her off the cross. Cassie then hits Sarah in the face because she knew if she did not then she will prevent her from killing Mathew. Cassie walks away and finds Mathew and Mathew sees her fear. Cassie needs to not have fear that is the only way not to lose and die. As she fights Mathew she sees Kelsey on the floor dead and knows that in every war innocent people must die like Kelsey. Then Cassie continues to fight Mathew and is winning until suddenly a car hits her and it is Sarah because she wants to protect Mathew. She thinks she can save him. Sarah hits Cassie and puts her to the ground and tells Mathew to finish her but, breaks Sarah’s arm instead. Then he cuts her up and she is dying. Cassie kills Mathew and Sarah asks for one thing and that is to not make her turn like Mathew did. So Cassie respects her last wishes and burns her with the rest of things from that life. Now it is time to move on.

Best Part

I really loved that Cassie almost had true friends but, they either turned out to be psycho or died out of innocence. The best part of the issue for me was Cassie’s narration I loved it and it could not be better.

Worse Part

There was none in the story.


The art was pretty much good the whole issue. But there was some part were Cassie kind of looked bad.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

4 ½ out of 5.       

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