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    Chris Krank and Lisa Elsten are the founders of Hack/Slash Inc, where Slasher survivors will help Cassie and Vlad in their hunt.

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    Hack/Slash, Inc. is the brainchild of Chris Krank, a slasher target who was rescued by Cassie Hack and Vlad.  Not really a team but more of a think tank, Hack/Slash, Inc. consists of other slasher survivors wishing to aid Cassie in her mission to rid the world of slashers.  The group was founded by Chris Krank and Lisa Elsten, another slasher survivor as well as Chris's girlfriend.  Due to the nature of Cassie's work, Hack was uncomfortable with the idea of having all the people she's saved gathered in one place for fear a slasher may come after her through them.  Currently, this network of survivors operates by searching the internet and news reports for possible slasher sightings and communicating with Cassie via cellphone.  Due to their work and lifestyles, Chris established an information database on all of Hack/Slash Inc.'s contacts just in case someone else had to take over operations.  
    Hack/Slash, Inc.'s first 'official' mission for Cassie and Vlad sent them to Tampa, Florida after Chris had found eight recent cases of missing teenagers, all of which corresponded to the tour schedule of a band called Acid Washed.  It is here that Cassie and Vlad meet Margaret "Georgia Peaches" Crump for the first time.  While investigating the band and it's leader, Six Sixx, Cassie and Georgia were transported to the dimension of Nef ruled by the Nef-Lords.  Vlad was able to rescue them after meeting Gertrude Hall and stop the Nef-Lord's plans. Georgia and Cassie became close friends and Georgia remained in contact after the case ended. 
    Hack/Slash, Inc.'s next tip to Cassie came when Chris and Lisa received information on an unusual corpse found in Maryland.  After Cassie and Vlad went to investigate, Lisa tells them she received an email about a case in Massachusetts that Cassie may want to look into since they were in that area.  Cassie and Vlad went to the Franco-Belle College for Women in Brookline, Massachusetts to meet with the school nurse, Linda Marsh.  Marsh had contacted Lisa about a series of murders on campus.  Mrs. Marsh turned out to be a paranormal investigator herself and informed Cassie of a secret group of students who may have aroused the ghost of Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess.  It turned out that the unusual corpse case and the campus murders were linked and were all due to Emily Cristy, a former Miss America and cosmetics designer whom Hack and Vlad had previously encountered.  After the case, Mrs. Marsh stated she and her husband would work on covering up the bizarre occurrences at the school. 
    Hack/Slash, Inc.'s first solo mission was carried out by Chris himself.  After discovering a video on YouTube and sending it to Cassie, Chris learns of Pooch, a hellhound Cassie had previously encountered during the Acid Washed investigation.  It seemed Pooched had been sighted in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  Since Cassie and Vlad were already enroute to investigate a series of murders in Portland, Oregon, Cassie sent Chris to look into the Pooch case.  Traveling to Wisconsin, Chris lured Pooch out by using items which had Cassie's scent on them.  The ruse worked but, instead of attacking, Pooch simply walked up to Chris' van and asked for help.  Thankful for warmth and food, Pooch dropped his assigned task to kill Cassie and has become loyal to Chris and Lisa. 
    Cassie and Vlad were later contacted by Georgia Peaches about a murder on the set of a remake of "The Wizard of Oz" in Del Valle, Texas.  Georgia decided to investigate on her own instead of waiting for Cassie outside. In doing so, Georgia came across the killer, Kent, a Munchkin actor who was attracted to Sarah, a Munchkin actress.  When Sarah spurned Kent's advances, Kent became obsessive and went on a killing spree.  Cassie and Vlad arrived just in time to kill Kent before he killed Sarah.  Although Cassie was initially angry with Georgia for not waiting, the two made up and Georgia promised never to do so again. 
    Hack/Slash, Inc. nearly came to an end when the Nef-Lords sent Kuma, a hunter and daughter of the Tusks, to recover the traitorous Pooch and kill Cassie.  Kuma appeared on Earth and captured Kyle Bell.  Breaking his leg at the ankle, Kuma demanded he take her to Pooch's location.  When she arrived at Lisa's house, she had torn off one of Kyle's arms and threw it through the window.  Pooch, not wanting harm to come to his new masters Chris and Lisa, challenged Kuma and led her away.  Kuma chased Pooch to a nearby river where she plunged into the ice cold water.  Pooch had jumped onto a rock in the middle of the river but the cold weather, an alien feeling to Nef-spawn, made Pooch weak and he collapsed.  Kuma retrieved Pooch and tracked Chris and Lisa to Lisa's animal clinic.  During the chase with Pooch, Kuma had lost a tusk.  She demanded Lisa to restore it in return for a quick death.  However Kyle, losing blood as he was, took the tusk and drove it into Kuma's side.  Throwing himself onto Kuma, Kyle was able to get Kuma into the clinic's gas chamber, telling Chris to close the door and turn on the gas.  Both Kyle and Kuma died and Chris and Lisa decided to bury them both in the same field as the euthanized animals from the clinic which is, ironically, what Kyle and Todd had done with Bobby Brunswick.   
    Hack/Slash, Inc. then got wind of an 'evil snowblower' that was that was going after puppies in Gobles, Michigan.  Cassie enlisted the aid of Lisa and Pooch to draw out the 'Blood Blower'.  Using Pooch as bait, the pair discovered the snowblower was actually being remote controlled.  After Cassie destroyed the machine, Pooch said he would be able to track the scent of the person responsible.  Whatever happened to that person is unknown. 
    Hack/Slash, Inc. would later receive a tip from Monica Chen regarding the sighting of the Mosaic Man, the first slasher Cassie and Vlad faced as a team.  The tip was legitimate but it also turned out that Monica was working with Libby Lochs, sister of Laura Lochs, another slasher the duo had previously fought.  Hack and Vlad were able to stop Libby and the Mosaic Man but not before Monica was killed during the confrontation.  
    Later, while Cassie and Vlad were investigating the murders of teenage superheroes, a thief broke into Lisa's home and copied all of Hack/Slash, Inc.'s computer files.  Lisa walked in on the intruder in the basement office.  In his escape, the thief struck Lisa in the back of the head.  Lisa managed to make her way upstairs where she collapsed and was found by Chris and the new sheriff.  Pooch has sworn to find Lisa's attacker.


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