Character » Hack appears in 33 issues.

    Hack was one of the few mutants to survive the Sentinels' attack of the island nation of Genosha.

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    Brief History

    The telepath Hack was one of the few survivors in Genosha after the Sentinels started to elimate the Unfortunate population of Genosha, of which about 16 million were mutants.

    While Hub allied herself with Unus the Untouchable, she was secretly best friends with Hack, who was working with the mysterious Chimere looking for information about Unus's gang.

    He was one of the many who lost his powers during the Decimation. However Quicksilver offered to repower those who lost thier powers. Starting in Genosha and restored the abilities of the residents through the Terrigen Mists. But their abilities were amplified beyond their control leading them to fight with the Inhumans, his powers faded after the battle.


    Hack possessed mutant powers of the mind, allowing him to read the thoughts of others and to communicate telepathically with others.


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