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    Technology based hacker broken out by the Suicide Squad to get to the Black Vault. She is the newest member of the Suicide Squad and is a huge Harley Quinn fan.

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    Zalika or "Hack" is an African Metahuman who grew up in the Korogocho slum. She worked for a gang in the slum as a hacker and overtime she discovered her powers of teleporting via the internet. After avenging her brother's death, Hack started stealing from large corporations and stealing the money for herself. It got the NSA's attention but instead she ended up in the Temho-Metya Prison when someone named Karla set up a trap for her.

    In Suicide Squad #2, the Suicide Squad freed her and agreed to work for them. Hack got them all out from trouble and teleported everyone back to Belle Reve. She is the squad's newest member.


    Hack has the ability to travel through the internet and download files to her brain. She can easily hack into a system without using any form of gadgetry.


    Zalika has dark curly hair and dark eyes. She also wears glasses.


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