Hachigen Ushoda

    Character » Hachigen Ushoda appears in 27 issues.

    Hachigen Ushoda is a character from the manga/anime Bleach. He excels in Kido. He is a vizard and is often called by his nickname "Hachi".

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    108 years ago Hachigen was a lieutenant of the Kido Corps, a division of Shinigami that excel in using the art of Kido in combat. Hachigen was under Tessai and ordered to find out what was going on with the missing Shinigami. He arrived at the combat site to find a recently hollowfied Mashiro attacking captain Shinji. Hachigen uses his kido to restrain her. Captain Love was struggling with  the hollowfied Kensei. Hachigen aided him as well. Unfortunately Kensei is able break free of Bakuda 63 which couldnt be broken by physical means. Lisa is Kensei's next target but Hachigen stops him with another more stronger form of kido. Shinji and others are impressed with Hachigen's use of high ranking kido with such speed and precision. Everyone hopes that Hachigen knows a form of kido to restore the hollowfied Shinigami to normal. Hachigen unfortunately reveals having no knowledge of kido that can help the hollowfied. Tosen reveals himself again and uses his bankai to remove all senses from the surviving shinigami on scene. Hachigen is hollowfied with Shinji and the others. Yoruichi secretly collects Hachigen and the others before they are slain by order of Yamamoto. He along with the other Vizards restort to leaving Soul Society as outcast in Karakura Town.

    Arrancar Invasion

    Hachigen is met by Ichigo in seeking further training with his hollow form. Hachigen keeps a high level barrier around the Vizard hideout so that not just anyone can find them.  Mashiro is the main person concerned of Hachigen's condition. Maintaining high level barriers all the time begins to take a toll on him . Hachigen is among the others to pin Ichigo down when he begins to go berserk.Later Hachigen seems to spend time with Mashiro when not in training. They return home as Shinji has Ichigo knocked out. Hachigen is told to put another layer over the hideout. Once on the training battleground Hachigen forms barriers and restraint kido about Ichigo in preparations to face his berserk hollow form. Hachigen does his best to make sure the barriers hold with the full hollowfied Ichigo proving stronger than expected. Once Ichigo has his hollow under control. Hachigen is concerned that Ichigo cant hold use his vizard powers for very long compared to the others. Hachigen and others grow cautious when someone enters their warehouse. Hachigen more than others since erecting two level 5 barriers to mask the vizard's energy. Orihime introduces herself to all and came to talk with Ichigo. Orihime leaves with Hachigen and others confused. Hachigen knows the girl should have been destroyed but was able to just bypass his barriers. He ends up sending Hiyori to bring the girl back for further and closer inspection of the human. Hachigen determines that Orihime's unique powers are similar to his own. He is able to restore Tsubaki, Orihime's only means of offense. She thanks the large man and hopes to begin training for the upcoming battle. Hachigen advises her not to engage in combat unless she has fully mastered her powers. He feels it would be a fatal error to battle the Arrancar as Orihime was at the time.

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