Habib Ben Hassan

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    There have been many doctors in the history of mankind. Habib Ben Hassan was the second Doctor to act as a member of the Authority.

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    Habib Ben Hassan received the powers of The Doctor after Jeroen Thorndyke was killed by Rose Tattoo. Habib had been a Palestinian suicide bomber that was about to kill himself when his powers came to him. Not much was known about the new Doctor, other than within the first week of him receiving his powers he ‘brokered’ a middle east peace treaty in one day that actually stands a change of working. Within shortly, Habib was imprisoned by Henry Bendix in a cell on The Carrier where his powers were muted. Jenny Quantum later freed him and had him join in the battle against Henry Bendix, Rose Tattoo and (a mind controlled) Midnighter. Habib turned Rose Tattoo from the Spirit of Murder to the Spirit of Life and helped the team beat Bendix and free Midnighter. He eventually joined the ranks of the Authority.

    Captain Atom: Armageddon

    Habib was the Dctor when the Authority found the extradimensional visitor called Captain Atom.

    Authority Prime: The Authority vs Stormwatch

    Habib was the Doctor when investigating a mystery surrunding the secrets of Henry Bendix, they discovered the bunkers of the Number of the Beast.

    Authority the Lost Year

    During the time the Authrority was lost in the Bleed, Habib found several alternate versions of the Doctors, some more dangerous than others.

    World's End

    During the World's End much of the world was destroyed and this drove The Doctor mad. He turned into a flock of butterflies and disappeared, but was not replaced by a new Doctor. That because the pain drove Habib crazier than ever. In astral form he found the also lost Gaia Rothstein, who was a century baby with aa strong connection to earth. Habib put her giant form in sleep to create an island full of life but there he set himself as the Green King of Avalon. In this form he was found by Midnighter, summoned by Gaia to stop Habib. With the oportiune help of the Authority, Midnighter killed this form of Habib, which was mostly a antropomorphic vegetal body. His apparent demise freed Gaia from his control. And it is assumed than Habib eventually ascended to the Garden of Ancestral Memory with all the other Doctors after Swift was designed as new Doctor.

    Powers and Abilities

    Alter Reality

    Habib materializing Rose's dragon tattoos.
    Habib materializing Rose's dragon tattoos.

    Each Doctor has the combined knowledge and abilities of all the Doctors before him and the power to alter reality as long as he can imagine what he wants to do in "poetic terms". The Renegade Doctor described how his powers worked by saying that all he had to do was "draw a detailed picture in his mind" of what he wanted and it would happen. According to the previous Doctors that Jeroen has talked to, there seems to be no limit to what he could do. He could de-create the universe from the Big Bang to the end of time or stretch one moment to infinity if he wanted. There's a reason he generally doesn't use his powers on that kind of scale though. His powers come from the Earth and very powerful acts of magic can be harmful to the planet (for example, he brought the immortal Jenny Sparks back to life at the cost of one year of the planet's life), so while the Doctor can do anything, he rarely uses his powers to their full potential. His relationship with the Earth is more than just the planet supplying him with power. He can feel how it feels and has a deep connection with it that is spiritual, emotional, mental and possibly physical. When Jeroen first became Doctor he complained to the previous Doctors that he had a pain in his heart and one of them told him, "The world now turns where your heart used to sit. A certain amount of pain is to be expected." Anyone with the power of the Doctor receives 15 new senses which, among other, unnamed things, allows them to not only connect with the planet, but with its people as well. At least one of the senses has something to do with an altered perception of how time flows, allowing for its manipulation, the ability to travel through it in more than one direction, move outside of it, and function at speeds different than the world around the Doctor.

    Garden of Ancestral Memory

    Doctors can also go to a place called the Garden of Ancestral Memory where they can talk to their predecessors.

    Alternate Versions

    During the time when the Authority was lost from the main Wildstorm Universe, the team found alternate versions of themselves. In one of those realities, Habib and the Authority found version of themselves far less serious, where Midnighter was more interested in quick money schemes, Apollo sublimed his homosexuality by being a womanizer, Habib was more prone to make card tricks, Swift was far more innocent and pacifist and Jenny was a blonde with anger issues. They stood there the less time possible.


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