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    High Speed Sentry.

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    HISS stands for High Speed Sentry. It is primarily piloted by a HISS Driver. It was first used by Cobra in 1983, and one version or another has been used against G.I. Joe ever since. The H.I.S.S was one of the earliest contributions from the Destro-owned M.A.R.S. corporation (Military Armament Research Syndicate). It is an inexpensive and effective specialty tank. Utilizing modular-technology which allows damaged parts to be quickly removed and repaired, this fast-attack vehicle is a feared part of the COBRA arsenal.

    H.I.S.S. I

    The original HISS weighed 9.75 tons with a top speed of 75 MPH and a fully loaded range of 275 miles. It was armed with dorsal mounted, twin "Diablo" 30mm Area Fire automatic guns with 2,000 rounds each. It utilized low level light and infra-red scanners plus micro-resolution radar ( for high speed vehicle maneuvering and personnel motion detection).

    It was later replaced by the HISS II.

    H.I.S.S. II

    The HISS II replaced the HISS in 1989 and is piloted by a Track-Viper. Its primary weapon is its Tri-Barreled Thermal Propulsion XTX-a20b Cannon. It is also armed with a 100 mm Armor-Piercing Laser Machine Gun on both sides of the cockpit. In addition it carries Surface-Hovering No-Noise Multi-Warhead SLAM Missiles. The pilot and gunner are aided by laser guidance systems. After several years of service it was replaced by the HISS III.

    H.I.S.S. II b

    The HISS IIb was introduced in Cobra's campaign of terror in 2003. It is identical to the HISS II.

    H.I.S.S. III

    The HISS III was virtually identical to the original HISS but with denser armor. It was piloted by Rip-It. It was shortly replaced by the HISS IV.

    H.I.S.S. IV

    The HISS IV replaced the HISS III in 2002 and was piloted by a Neo-Viper. Its primary weapon was its sonic cannon. It was also armed with a 50 mm Gatling Gun and 2 missile launchers, which were mounted on its cockpit. The cockpit of the HISS IV could elevate.

    H.I.S.S. V

    The HISS V replaced the HISS IV in 2011 and is once again piloted by the COBRA H.I.S.S. Driver. This version was a total redesign and was stronger and faster than the prior model.


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