H. G. Wells

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    British Writer famous for his Science-Fiction stories. Together with Jules Verne, he has been called "The Father of Science Fiction".

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    H.G. Wells is known best for his science fiction novels. Among his many works are the wrote The Time Machine, The War of the worlds, The Invisible Man and many others.

    Other Media

    A character based on Wells was the protagonist of the1979 film Time After Time, where he was the actual creator of the time machine (as described in his book The Time Machine). However, the machine was stolen by a supposed friend of his who was none other than Jack the Ripper. Getting the Time Machine back, he must then travel into the future to capture Jack. Once in the future of 1979 (the same year as the film was made), he falls in love with a bank money exchange clerk by the name of Amy Robbins, whom in real life was Well’s second wife.

    In the TV show Warehouse 13, this character is a woman. She was an antagonist and at one point: she pretended to be a protagonist. she was later seen being sent away to places unknown.


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