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Heart of Steel


A fair haired blonde is leaving Wayne Enterprises and the guard notices she left her briefcase. The guard places the briefcase in lost and found then leaves for the night. Suddenly, the briefcase springs to life with mechanical tentacles and a cybernetic eye. The briefcase makes its way to the R&D department of Wayne Enterprises then the cybernetic eye emits a laser to cut through a secured wing in the R&D department and steals a batch of prototype protein-silicon wafer chips but not the design specs. These chips are intended for wetware which is the cutting edge in computer research and artificial intelligence.

Fortunately, the robot tripped a silent alarm and Bruce was working late so he gets a glimpse of the mechanical thief through the security feed. The guards react to the alarm and make their way to intercede the robot. The robot paralyzes the guards by dispersing a knockout gas then it heads to the roof of Wayne Enterprises. Bruce, now disguised as Batman, heads to the roof and witnesses the robot soaring into the Gotham night sky by its own jet propulsion system.

Bruce jumps off the roof, transforms his cape into a glider and follows the robot to its destination. The robot arrives near a cove where the fair haired blonde is waiting for it. The robot delivers the microchips to the mysterious woman then self destructs to erase any evidence of its existence. The woman gets into her getaway car and notices Batman isn't far behind in her rear view mirror. She pops the trunk of her car and an array of missiles comes flying out. Bruce ditches his cape glider and drops into the ocean. Bruce sees his glider get turned to pile of ash and the getaway car zooming away into the night.

Gordon, Lucius Fox and Bruce try to figure out who would want these chips so bad to steal it. Lucius figures it could be Karl Rossum since he was on the verge of similar technology. Bruce defends Rossum by saying he taught Bruce everything he knew about the latest advancements in technology but Rossum has become a semi recluse since the loss of his daughter. Bruce figures its worth a shot in investigating Rossum and his company Cybertron.

Bruce arrives at Cybertron and Rossum greets him with his hospitality. Rossum assures Bruce that if he anyone tries to sell him the chips then he will alert the authorities plus he has no interest in Wayne Enterprises latest advancements since the creation of HARDAC. Rossum then introduces Bruce to Randa Duane, his assistant and Bruce takes advantage of the situation by asking Randa out to dinner in order to pick her brain about HARDAC.

Rossum and Bruce leave Randa to her work while they head out to the lobby. HARDAC then comes online and informs Randa that the next key duplicate in his plan must be put into place immediately. Randa arrives at Commissioner Gordon's home, tasers Gordon unconscious and replaces Jim with a duplicate of himself. When Barbara came home, she cooks her father a meal but he doesn't eat and she begins to notice that his personality has become more cold and distant.

During Bruce's date with Randa, Bruce is called away by an emergency phone call from Lucius. Bruce excuses himself and tells Randa to call on Alfred if she needs anything. HARDAC then contacts Randa remotely and informs her that the design specs for the wetware wasn't at the Wayne Enterprises. HARDAC tells Randa to search Wayne Manor and find any computer backup files Wayne may have.

Randa surprises Alfred with her taser and begins searching the house. Lucius informs Bruce that there was another break in at Wayne Enterprises but this time by a robotic compact mirror. Randa discovers the entrance to the Batcave and informs HARDAC of her discovery. HARDAC is intrigued but is more interested in what the central computer holds. Randa begins interfacing the Batcave's central computer with HARDAC's data bank.

Bruce returns to find Alfred unconscious, Randa gone and the entrance to the Batcave has been breached. Bruce goes into the Batcave and investigates if anything has been tampered with or hacked into. All of sudden, Bruce is ambushed by all of the technological gadgets and safeguards in the Batcave.


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