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    One of the mean characters of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7 Steel Ball Run. Friend and instructor of Johnny Joestar, and master of the Spin.

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    Steel Ball Run

    From a family generation of executioners in the Kingdom of Naples, Gyro has a noble status and generous income in his country. Gyro inherits techniques of the Spin at 13 years old as the eldest son of Zeppeli's family and takes part in an execution in the same year.

    At the age of 25, he formally inherits the duties of the executioner. However, a year before Gyro was officially inherited, a boy was sentenced to death for no reason. Gyro was unable to execute innocent people in compliance with national laws. After the king’s messenger informs him of the existence of the SBR competition, he determines to participate in the SBR race and wins the championship for the country to obtain the king’s "amnesty" for this innocent boy.

    On the eve of the 1890 SBR competition, the journey officially began when he meets Johnny Joestar on the coast of San Diego. Gyro firstly appears as a tall, muscular man with long golden hair, green eyes, lips with green makeups, and golden teeth with the sentence "Go-Go Zeppeli" curved on. He wears a short-sleeved studded black leather coat, leather pants, and cowboy boots. His belt has two pockets attached and contains two steel balls. The steel balls are the tools Gyro uses to gather the energy of the Spin. He teams up with Johnny to pass through the dangers of this race. Gyro also discovers more things he is capable of doing by using the Spin.

    In the journey, Gyro discovers President Valentine's true target: to find the Saint's Corpse and gathering them together. In order to achieve this goal, the President will spare no costs, including killing the participants. In order to stop him, Gyro fights with assassins he sends along with Johnny.

    During the final battle with President Valentine, Gyro finally learns the lost technique of the Spin [Ball Breaker], but the steel ball was partly transferred by Valentine's evolved Stand D4C Love Train and turned into an oval-shaped ball. Unable to make a Golden Rotation, Gyro is sadly defeated by the President.

    The Spin

    The Spin is a technique discovered by Zeppeli's family and meant to be used to heal and execute people. The principle of the Spin is to utilize special energy generated from the rotation of a certain object, Zeppeli's family uses steel balls to generate the Spin energy. Utilizing the Spin can do many things such as healing people, changing people's body structure, attacking, and creating illusions.

    Effects of the Spin

    • Steel Balls: Gyro can throw rotating steel balls at extremely high speed within the Spin energy attaches on the balls. This allows him to use steel balls as weapons, and the steel balls he throws will rotate back to him under the effect of the Spin energy. The effective range of steel balls is approximately 20m, inside this range, steel balls can hit opponents precisely and attaching different effects of the Spin to opponents. Out of this range will largely weaken the power of the steel balls.
    • Control Bodies: The Spin energy can do a lot of effects on opponents' bodies when the steel balls hit them. Effects including stimulating nerves to control the opponent's movement, heal wounds, slightly change the opponent's body structure.
    • Golden rectangular rotation: By spinning through the orbit of golden rectangular in nature, the power of steel balls can be utilized in the maximum level. When throwing steel balls by golden rectangular rotation, the steel balls can shatter metals or penetrate human bodies like bullets.


    After the Corpse's right eye binds with Gyro's, Gyro gains a power named Scan. When Scan is active, Gyro's steel balls will have eyes appear on them, and Gyro can see things through steel balls. These enhance Gyro's aptitude for the Spin, and allowing him to see through people's bodies as though by X-ray vision, permitting him to calculate for better targeting.

    Scan seems like a power similar to Stands, which are beings generated from people's life energy representing their spirit and mind in JoJo universe.

    Ball Breaker

    During the final battle between Gyro and President Valentine, Gyro finally masters his family's long-lost technique of the Spin, which is [Ball Breaker]. Ball Breaker is the ultimate technique of the Spin, through Golden Rotation which is the technique that Gyro generating Spinning energy all over his body and riding on his horse to utilize the energy into the perfect rotation, Spinning energy generates a physical form within the shape of a tiny green man with two disc-like things attaches on the head and several red eyes. This form is Ball Breaker, and it's Gyro's Stand.

    Powers of the Ball Breaker

    • Senescence: Any opponents touching the spin energy spread from Ball Breaker will aging greatly and gets old extremely fast.
    • Super strength: Ball Breaker's spin energy is too powerful that even affects gravity. This gives Ball Breaker massive strength, even capable of breaking through a dimensional barrier.

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