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Gyro is a engineering genius. He has designed and created some of the strangest things, like robot to Gizmo Duck's gizmo suit. A lot of his inventions have gone to help Scrooge McDuck's wealth go or to protect that wealth.


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He was created by Created by Carl Barks in 1952. Unlike Scrooge and the others, Gyro is not actually a duck - Clay Barks stated in an interview that he was in fact a chicken.

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Beginning in Uncle Scrooge #13, Gyro was the main character in the last four pages feature. In Uncle Scrooge #15 Gyro got his first supporting character called just The Helper.

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Gyro was first animated in Disney's Duck Tales. He was voiced by Hal Smith.

DIA (later known as "SHUSH")

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Gyro revealed in the Duck Tales episode "Double-0-Duck" that he pays his rent by creating gadgets for DIA. He creates for Launchpad a comb-phone, a camera-bow tie, a gun tupay, and some exploding cuff-links.

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