Gym Leaders

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    They are the high ranking Pokemon Trainers that can be challenged by other trainers who can win badges

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    The main job of a Gym Leader is to test trainers and their Pokemon to see if they are ready to challenge the Elite Four. When a trainer defeats a Gym Leader they earn a Badge; winning 8 Badges allows for a trainer to compete in a regional tournament. Contrary to what people believe, Frontier Brains are not Gym Leaders.


    Indigo League Badges

    Indigo League Badges
    Indigo League Badges
    • Boulder Badge from Pewter City - Brock
    • Cascade Badge from Cerulean City - Misty
    • Thunder Badge from Vermilion City - Lt. Surge
    • Rainbow Badge from Celadon City - Erika
    • Soul Badge from Fuchsia City - Koga
    • Marsh Badge from Saffron City - Sabrina
    • Volcano Badge from Cinnabar City - Blaine
    • Earth Badge from Viridian City - Giovanni

    In Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal and the remakes HeartGold and SoulSilver it's Koga's daughter Janine who gives out the Soul Badge, because Koga became a Member of the Elite Four. Also Blue, (the Rival in the previous games) gives out the Earth Badge, to the fact of Giovanni's disappearance after he's defeated.

    Johto League Badges

    Johto League Badges
    Johto League Badges
    • Zephyr Badge from Violet City - Falkner
    • Hive Badge from Azalea Town - Bugsy
    • Plain Badge from Goldenrod City - Whitney
    • Fog Badge from Ecruteak City - Morty
    • Storm Badge from Cianwood City - Chuck
    • Mineral Badge from Olivine City - Jasmine
    • Glacier Badge from Mahogany Town - Pyce
    • Rising Badge from Blackthorn City - Claire

    Hoenn League Badges

    Hoenn League Badges
    Hoenn League Badges
    • Stone Badge from Rustboro City - Roxanne
    • Knuckle Badge from Dewford Town - Brawly
    • Dynamo Badge from Mauville City - Wattson
    • Heat Badge from Lavaridge Town - Flannery
    • Balance Badge from Petalburg City - Norman
    • Feather Badge from Fortree City - Winona
    • Mind Badge from Mossdeep City - Liza and Tate
    • Rain Badge from Sootopolis City - Wallace

    In Pokémon Emerald it's Juan who gives out the Rain Badge.

    Sinnoh League Badges

    Sinnoh League Badges
    Sinnoh League Badges
    • Coal Badge from Oreburgh City - Roark
    • Forest Badge from Eterna City - Gardenia
    • Cobble Badge from Veilstone City - Maylene
    • Fen Badge from Pastoria City - Crasher Wake
    • Relic Badge from Hearthome City - Fantina
    • Mine Badge from Canalave City - Byron
    • Icicle Badge from Snowpoint City - Candice
    • Beacon Badge from Sunyshore City - Volkner

    Unova League Badges

    Unova League Badges
    Unova League Badges
    • Trio Badge from Stration City - Cilan, Chili and Cress
    • Basic Badge from Nacrene City - Lenora
    • Insect Badge from Castelia City - Burgh
    • Bolt Badge from Nimbasa City - Elesa
    • Quake Badge from Driftviel City - Clay
    • Jet Badge from Mistralion City - Skyla
    • Freeze Badge from Icirrus City - Brycen
    • Legend Badge from Opelucid City - Drayden (Black) and Iris (White)

    In Pokémon White2 and Black2 Drayden is the Gym Leader in both versions, because Iris became the new Pokémon Champ in the two year gap between the games.

    Anime only Badges

    Orange League Badges

    the Orange League Badges in the Anime
    the Orange League Badges in the Anime
    • Coral Eye Badge from Mikan Island - Cissy
    • Sea Ruby Badge from Navel Island - Danny
    • Spike Shell Badge from Trovita Island - Rudy
    • Jade Star Badge from Kumquat City - Luana


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