Gwendolyne Matsura

    Character » Gwendolyne Matsura appears in 16 issues.

    Gwen is a member of the new Gen 13. She has a dragon tattoo that can come to life.

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    Gwen's family lived in Tribeca where her father ran a club of the same name, fiercely keeping it mob free. The Twin Towers used to be part of the view outside her window and she is still jumpy about the sounds of planes overhead.

    Major Story Arcs

    Secretly operating as an 'outlaw DJ,' Gwen returns home on her last stint before school and witnesses an upcoming Triad leader pressuring her father to go into business with him, which he refuses. Sneaking to her room, Gwen is brushing her teeth when Herod suddenly strikes. The next morning, she wakes up to find an oriental dragon tattooed upon her skin, which her mother sees and grows angry over. At school, she is caught by vice-principal Hamilton for an unknown transgression and she encounters the York brothers there, and while Ethan recognizes her, she does not show any similar signs and skips school. She goes to ride the subways, followed by two Triad thugs, who try to kidnap her until Ethan intervenes at which point she calls out Ethan's name. 'Sweetie' emerged to defend both her and Ethan, killing one of their assailants. Sweetie drains Ethan before both teenagers fall unconscious.

    The police question them about the incident, but they reveal nothing. When Ja'nelle unknowingly reaches out with her telepathic powers, she ends up contacting Ethan and Gwen and they convince her not to jump in front of the train. Gwen continues to fail to reconcile with her mother. Her astral projection is brought along with Ethan by Ja'nelle when she goes to confront Hamza Rashad though she disappears as soon as Ja'nelle loses concentration. Shortly afterwards, Sweetie wakes her up and takes her to collect Ethan so that they can save Hamza from the sludge.


    Chrome Skin
    Chrome Skin

    Initially, Gwendolyne had a tattoo of a dragon named "Sweetie" that would come to life whenever she called for it. Aside from flight and psychic fire breath, Sweetie could turn intangible, along with its passengers, to pass through buildings without harming anything. Ethan's fire could empower Sweetie.

    Later she was covered with a chrome-like substance which allows her to fire it off like projectiles. She has also been show to be able to manipulate her new body to become more liquide like in order to subdue her opponents.


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