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Gwen Dylan was created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred.

Character Evolution

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Gwen must eat a human brain once a week in order to prevent losing her own memories. After eating the brain, she becomes consumed by the memories and personality of the person until she eats the next one. She then carries out any final wishes or unfinished business they might have had in order to rid her mind of their presence. She has help from her ghost friend Ellie and her Were-terrier friend Spot to help finish the unfinished business.

Gwen is also an artist and the dead in which she has consumed sometimes express messages to her in her final painted products.

Gwen is not technically a zombie. John Amon explains to her, that like him, she is in fact a Revenant, a rare creature, which possesses both an undersoul and an oversoul. He goes on to explain that the oversoul is to do with the brain, it is basically the conscious mind, containing the thoughts, memories, and personality, whereas the undersoul, seated in the heart, is the unconscious mind and contains appetites, emotions, and fears. If she were a zombie she would only possess an undersoul.

Gwens worst fear is that one day she will completely loose her memories. As her undead condition, is to her mind deteriorating. Although John Amon has offered to help Gwen in this matter, she has displayed a lack of trust on her part towards the ancient undead. Partly due to the suspicions she has that John Amon may be responsible for her death in the first place.


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