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    Prints trade paperback collections of public domain comics from the 1930's to early 1960's. They also reprint some series in the single-issue format.

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    Gwandanaland Comics reprints public domain comics in trade paperback collections. They use digital scans of available material, tweaking some scans for color and brightness. They specialize in character collections.

    Their main title- Gwandanaland Comics- comprises of most of their trade paperbacks, which covers just about any genre that has comics in the public domain.

    Problems as a POD publisher

    In July, 2018, the publisher discovered that the site they were getting many of their public domain comic scans from was not completely public domain (PD) material. Gwandanaland scrambled to verify the PD status of their material, and voluntarily removed more than 200 books from their catalog until they could update them by remvoing the copyrighted issues. This was a full year-and-a-half ahead of DC notifying publishers and sites to stop using copyrighted issues. DC had no issue with Gwandanaland.

    In October, 2022, Amazon terminated Gwandanaland's publisher account, citing reasons that were proved to be inaccurate. However, Amazon refused to reinstate the account, and this effectively shut Gwandanaland down for a couple of months. Ultimately, Gwandanaland decided to take all of their then 7,000+ Print On Demand (POD) titles to Barnes & Noble and other platforms outside of Amazon.

    Books outside of the main Gwandanaland Comics series

    There are a few trade paperbacks that do not have a Gwandanaland Comics number. Those have their own volume pages:

    They've also reprinted some series in single-issue format:


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