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Captain Marvel's Concentrated Comics: Gwandanaland Comics #2090 -- A Handy Digest-Sized Collection of Stories About Earth's Mightiest Mortal!

270 PAGES, 6.63" X 8.5"

An entire generation thrilled to the comic adventure of Captain Marvel. Unlike that “other” Golden Age hero, young comic readers could connect with Captain Marvel because he was from Earth, and he was also Billy Batson – just an American boy like them. Saying the name of the mystic SHAZAM transforms Billy into The World's Mightiest Mortal.

These are specially-selected stories brought to you in easy-to-carry digest size, for when you need all the excitement, but might not have the space!

  • “Crusher Of Crime” (Whiz Comics #20)
  • “The Curse Of Ibac” From (Captain Marvel Adventures #8)
  • “Captain Marvel In Buffalo” (Captain Marvel Adventures #31)
  • “Captain Marvel And The Beauty Contest” (Whiz Comics #51)
  • “Captain Marvel Fall In Love” (Whiz Comics #53)
  • “Captain Marvel And Sivana's Twin” (Whiz Comics #59)
  • “Captain Marvel And His Loneliest Day” (Captain Marvel Adventures #49)
  • “Captain Marvel And The Little Man Who Wasn't There” (Captain Marvel Adventures #64)
  • “Captain Marvel Gets A Secretary” (Captain Marvel Adventures #67)
  • “The Talking Tiger” (Captain Marvel Adventures #79)
  • “Captain Marvel & The Medieval Demon “ (Captain Marvel Adventures #82)
  • “The Plot Against The Universe” (Captain Marvel Adventures #100)
  • “Captain Marvel And The Wish Factory!” (Captain Marvel Adventures #103)
  • “Captain Marvel & The Space Dragon” (Captain Marvel Adventures #104)
  • “Captain Marvel, Dogcatcher” (Captain Marvel Adventures #105)
  • “Captain Marvel And The Betrayal Of Mr Morris” (Captain Marvel Adventures #108)
  • “Captain Marvel And The Story Of Lester The Seal Who Couldn't Swim” (Captain Marvel Adventures #111)
  • “Captain Marvel Battles The Pie Plot” (Captain Marvel Adventures #118)
  • “Captain Marvel & The Man Who Thought Aloud” (Captain Marvel Adventures #119)
  • “Captain Marvel & The Dinosaur Dilemma” (Captain Marvel Adventures #123)
  • “Captain Marvel & The Curse Of The Black Thumb” (Captain Marvel Adventures #129)
  • “Captain Marvel Battles Double Doom” (Captain Marvel Adventures #130)
  • “Captain Marvel The Beauty In Black” (Captain Marvel Adventures #142)
  • “Captain Marvel & The Vampire Burglar” (Captain Marvel Adventures #147)
  • “Captain Marvel's Weddings” (Captain Marvel Adventures #150)

This issue is a digest sized trade paperback collecting Captain Marvel Adventures #8, 31, 49, 64, 67, 79, 82, 100, 103-105, 108, 111, 118, 119, 123, 129, 130, 142, 147, 150, and Whiz Comics #20, 51, 53, and 59.

Please Note: In September, 2018, upon discovering that not as many of the Marvel Family issues were in the public domain as they believed, the publisher immediately and voluntarily pulled many of the books from their catalog. This one will likely be pulled, as only three of the issues are still public domain- CM Adventures #8, 31, and Whiz #20.



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