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The Kurt Schaffenberger Marvel Family Collection: Volume 3: Gwandanaland Comics #2088 --- The Final Volume -- This Book: From Marvel Family #65-89


CAPTAIN MARVEL has been one of the most popular heroes of comics for nearly 80 years, and many skilled hands have worked to create his adventures. Kurt Schaffenberger began penciling the MARVEL FAMILY characters with issue #16 and his involvement grew as the series moved along; he is today one of a handful of illustrators whom are considered by readers and collectors to be the cream of the crop. One of the most popular artists, we're pulling his Marvel Family stories together for the truly discriminating comic reader!

NOTE: We are only producing the covers actually drawn by Schaffenberger for this series.

Please Note: In September, 2018, upon discovering that not as many of the Marvel Family issues were in the public domain as they believed, the publisher immediately and voluntarily pulled this book from their catalog.

This is a trade paperback collecting Marvel Family #65-89.


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