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Charlton Heroes of the 1960s: Volumes 1 & 2: Gwandanaland Comics #2025/2030 --- A Giant Collection of Eleven Exciting Heroes!


These are the first appearances of five of Charlton Comics most popular and epic heroes. From costumed crimefighter to Science-Fiction Superhero, to Super-Spy Agent of Justice to a team of Adventurous Commandos, and much more -- Charlton Comics was a hotbed of action in the 1960s. Gwandanaland Comics has gathered their origins stories, earliest adventures, and memorable beginnings - - take a look, you could get hooked!

  • BLUE BEETLE - From Blue Beetle #1-2 (1964)*
  • CAPTAIN ATOM - From Space Adventure #33-37 (1960)
  • JUDO MASTER - From Special War Series #4 and Judo Master #89
  • THE PEACEMAKER - From Fightin' 5 #40 & #40 and The Peacemaker #1
  • FIGHTIN' FIVE - From Fightin' 5 #1-2
  • THE QUESTION – From Blue Beetle #1-5 and Mysterious Suspense
  • SARGE STEEL - From Sarge Steel #1-2
  • NIGHTSHADE - From Captain Atom #82 & #86
  • SON OF VULCAN – From Son Of Vulcan #46-47
  • PETER CANNON THUNDERBOLT - From Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #1 & #51
  • MAVERICK MARSHAL – From Maverick Marshal #1-2

*The Blue Beetle had known many incarnations and reboots since his Golden Age introduction in Mystery Men Comics #1 (1940). When he was re-imagined in the 1960s at Charlton his origin, identity, and backstory had all changed, essentially a different character.

This is a trade paperback collecting:

Please Note: In September, 2018, due to uncertainty about its public domain status, the publisher immediately and voluntarily pulled this book from their catalog.


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