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    Original solicitation, May 20, 2017:

    Crime Does Not Pay #132-139: Gwandanaland Comics #155

    290 pages

    Recently another company which was reprinting the CRIME DOES NOT PAY series.....well, stopped. Why do they do this???? It is not uncommon, but when it happens people are left with incomplete collections. So, GWANDANALAND COMICS is breaking away from its character collections for a bit in order to bring the rest of this classic and well-loved series. complete.

    • GWA 143 - Crime Does Not Pay 62-66
    • GWA 144 - Crime Does Not Pay 67-71
    • GWA 145 - Crime Does Not Pay 72-76
    • GWA 146 - Crime Does Not Pay 77-81
    • GWA 147 - Crime Does Not Pay 82-86
    • GWA 148 - Crime Does Not Pay 87-91
    • GWA 149 - Crime Does Not Pay 92-96
    • GWA 150 - Crime Does Not Pay 97-101
    • GWA 151 - Crime Does Not Pay 102-107
    • GWA 152 - Crime Does Not Pay 108-115
    • GWA 153 - Crime Does Not Pay 116-123
    • GWA 154 - Crime Does Not Pay 124-131
    • GWA 155 - Crime Does Not Pay 132-139
    • GWA 156 - Crime Does Not Pay 140-147

    Updated solicitation, September 14, 2018:


    Some time back, another company started reprinting the popular CRIME DOES NOT PAY series.... and then they stopped. They didn't have to -- the book are all public domain -- but for some reason they didn't keep going. So, we picked up where they left off and complete the series. We will go back to the beginning and fill in those issues as well, but our first goal was to make sure people could complete their sets.

    CRIME DOES NOT PAY is one of the classic crime comics - perhaps the most famous and most infamous series of all. It was featured in Seduction of the Innocent, and even today the stories are edgy and fresh.

    14 Volumes ---- over 3500 pages

    This is a trade paperback collecting Crime Does Not Pay #132-139.



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    Story Arcs

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