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Amazon solicitation, July 20, 2017:

Pocket Comics #1: Gwandanaland Comics #1210 --- Starring The Black Cat, The Zebra, Spirit of '76, and more! The original digest comic in full 8 1/2" x 11" size! The First Harvey Comics Publication!

100 pages

POCKET COMICS was unique in many ways: It was the first comic book of Harvey Comics, which would go on to be one of the major publishers of the Golden Age and spawn dozens of memorable characters. It was one of the first digest-sized comics, and could offer an amazing value at 100 page for the same dime that most publishers charged for a 68-page book. The book introduced such long-running and classic characters as The Black Cat, The Zebra (voted worst-dressed costumed hero), and Spirit of '76. Gwandanaland Comics is bringing you the full 4-issue series, in our standard 8 ½ x 11” size – giving you every available detail of this historic and gripping comic!

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Please Note: The blue-bordered version of #1210 was replaced with The Complete Pocket Comics.


Pocket Comics #1 was republished with the yellow-bordered cover as the first of four single issues reprinting the Harvey Comics series. However, it was an issue for a separate series- not a variant of this issue.

Contents (Issue 1)

  1. The Saboteur From Hell Featuring Satan
  2. Origin of the Red Blazer Featuring The Red Blazer
  3. Origin of the Spirit of '76 Featuring Spirit of '76
  4. Origin of the Black Cat Featuring Black Cat
  5. Origin of the Phantom Sphinx Featuring The Phantom Sphinx
  6. Origin of British Agent 99 Featuring British Agent 99
  7. John Doyle Convicted of Murder Featuring The Zebra
  8. Meet the Stars
  9. The Zebra's Murder Case Featuring The Zebra
  10. The Mysterious Island Featuring Spin Hawkins


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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