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    Once allied with Cable in a group called Six Pack, G.W. Bridge later joined SHIELD to take him down. After Cable's supposed death, he was reassigned to apprehend The Punisher.

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    G.W. Bridge enlisted to serve in the US military during the Vietnam War when he was only seventeen years old. He then used the skills and experience that he gained as part of a mercenary team called Wild Pack, led by Cable. After succeeding in several missions, they were hired by Toliver. He told them to change their name since it was already taken by Silver Sable's team and so the team took the name Six Pack. Bridge and the team were sent on a mission by Toliver, however they found themselves encountering Cable's clone, Stryfe. The mission went bad. The team thought that Cable has abandoned them since he shot Hammer in the back to prevent him dealing with Stryfe to save Kane's life before teleported away leaving the team to fend for themselves. Unbeknown to them, Toliver was actually Genesis in disguise. He meant for them to encounter Stryfe and ruin the team. Hammer was rendered paralysed after this event.


    G.W. Bridge was created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza and first appeared in X-Force #1 (1991).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Commander of SHIELD

    Bridge became commander of SHIELD and was a assigned to investigate Cable and X-Force, formerly was known as the New Mutants. With the help of the Canadian Department K, Bridge was able to form a group of super-beings called Weapon P.R.I.M.E. all of whom felt hatred towards Cable. When they fought the X-Force, Bridge found out Cable had left the X-Force making his team to retreat. After encountering Department K's leader and seeing his former teammate Garrison Kane again, Bridge returns to SHIELD and finally makes peace with Cable. G.W. would later become a great ally with the X-Men and the X-Force.

    The New Six Pack

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    G.W. Bridge formed a new Six Pack which was funded by SHIELD so they could fight Cable. whose powers were growing out of control. Instead of trying to stop him though, they found themselves committing terrorist acts in Cable's name, trying to destroy his reputation. Instead they found themselves suffering yet more betrayal as Constrictor turned his back on them to aid Cable in fighting the X-Men. Shortly after Cable's defeat at the hands of the Silver Surfer, the Six Pack disbanded again and when they would later reform, it would be without Cable.

    The Punisher

    Older, weary and close to retirement, when G.W. Bridge was ordered to hunt down the infamous vigilante Frank Castle, The Punisher, he was already much closer to being fired from SHIELD. Spurned on by the need to provide for his family while SHIELD itself was under close scrutiny for not being able to control the wars raging between members of the superpowered community, Bridge clamped down hard on The Punisher, but only ever managed to remain one step behind rather than one step ahead. But after a long run of bad luck - such as Bushwacker running amok during a staged hostage situation in Times Square to bring out The Punisher and trap him in public - Bridge resigned from SHIELD!

    Jasper Sitwell gave him an independent contract to keep G.W. in SHIELD while still having the freedom to keep pursuing the slippery vigilante but after witnessing Frank fighting a white supremacist army led by the new Hate Monger - dressed as the recently assassinated Captain America - and ended up jumping in to assist him for the greater good, Bridge called it a night by granting The Punisher a head start, telling him he'd never stop chasing him down.


    Once Norman Osborn had SHIELD disbanded and replaced by HAMMER, G.W. found himself permanently out of a job and is struggling to provide for his family, Death Adder and Basilisk, who have been sent for The Punisher by The Hood and Osborn, take his family hostage, killing his wife and threatening to kill his son next. He gives them a false address, setting up a trap but is taken with his son and awaits execution, knowing they will discover that he lied to them to try to save his son, who is hysterical after seeing his mother killed.

    The Punisher pursued by an army of supervillains, arrives and tries to rescue him, a battered G.W. joining in the battle, however they are outnumbered, defeated and captured; then taken to the Hood. The Hood in his ever twisted pursuit of opportunity, offers The Punisher to have his family resurrected, if only he would quit his attempts to take out The Hood and Osborn. All he's having to sacrifice is the life of the ex-SHIELD commander with a bullet to the head. Frank outright refuses, knowing that he'd sooner die than condemn an honest man and a fellow ex-soldier to death by his own hand.

    Instead, twisted ex-Punisher's assistant Microchip takes the gun and does it for him, resurrecting both their dead families, who the Punisher immediately sends back to their graves with one of his enemies' flamethrowers.

    In a twisted kind of tribute and ultimate revenge, in In The Blood Microchip is seen several months later in his hideout, getting drunk and arguing with someone sitting in a chair opposite him, having gone crazy with fear and solitude and the second loss of his resurrected son. We later see that it is no man but the mummified remains of G.W. Bridge, still wearing the same suit he wore the day he died and with a bullet hole to the head.

    Microchip is captured by the Jigsaw Brothers who need him to snare The Punisher so they can wreak revenge on him. Later, when Castle is captured after having gone on the rampage, what comes around goes around. Castle is thrown into the same cell as Micro and while Micro starts to try and reason with him, Castle unshackles himself and then slits Microchip's throat for having sided with the enemy and killed G.W. Bridge so selfishly; for their families whom he proclaims had the sacred right to stay dead!

    Alternate realities

    Earth-982 A

    In the MC2 Universe, years later, Bridge finally left SHIELD and went into politics feeling he could do the world good by being a political leader, he eventually became President of the United States. He holds a close relationship to the Vision as a link with A-Next, a future generation of the Avengers.


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