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    The word "Guyver" refers to a specific being - the fusion of a human or (theoretically) a Zoaform with an alien bio-booster symbiote. The symbiote is commonly called a "Guyver unit" or "Unit-G".

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    The term itself comes from the Creators; in their language it can mean "Out of Control", "Beyond the norm", or even "Beyond control". To them, it has all the connotations of a nuclear reactor suddenly deciding of its own accord to meltdown. The term expresses horror, loathing and perversion. Since Arcanfel is the only person who actually communicated with the Creators, this means the term came from him.

    In truth, no-one knows what the Creators, who brought the symbiotes to Earth in the first place, called the units themselves. What is known is that the symbiote was not created on Earth, like humans and Zoaforms. It is an alien life-form, a parasite rather than a symbiote, that was "tamed" by the inclusion of a cybernetic control medal.

    It appears that the main function of the unit is to "bio-boost" the body of the wearer, increasing its strength, longevity, allowing the host to function in virtually any environment and adding new functions, such as communication with all other bio-boosted organisms. If the Creators were not one race, but a conglomerate of races, such a symbiote would be invaluable.

    Nothing is known about the original form of the symbiote. Its biology somewhat resembles the Terran parasite Sacculina . Its energy requirements seem to be voracious; when the control medal of Guyver Two was destroyed, the parasite immediately turned on its host and devoured him in a matter of seconds.

    When part of Guyver One was separated from the control medal, it took a humanoid shape and instinctively sought to return to the rest of its organism. Strangely enough, it not only retained the form of its previous host, but seemingly also a semblance of his memories.

    The control medal is a technological miracle, a crystalline computer that not only controls the functions of the symbiotic armor, but also acts as an artificial intelligence that can supplement the mind of the host or even replace it when the need arises. It also makes a complete back-up of the mind and body of the host, repairing any damage to his or her body - up to and including complete destruction of the body. As long as the control medal remains intact, the Guyver survives.

    In its dormant form, the G-unit can survive for an unlimited time. Like primitive Earth organisms, the cells of the G-unit do not age with every division, and the control medal, which has no moving parts, also does not wear. Its energy source is extra dimensional and apparently inexhaustible.

    A dormant G-unit appears as a flattened, circular object; like a very long length of fleshy wire (not unlike muscle fibers), wound tightly around a central spindle, upon which sits the control medal. Embracing the wire are six metallic "clamps", two different sets of three, set in two triangles. The whole somewhat resembles a land mine.

    Exactly how the control medal selects its host is not known, but apparently it is enough that a sentient being closely approaches the control medal to activate it. Perhaps, touching the dormant unit activates a brainwave scanner, which then zeros in on the nearest complex brain.

    Since only humans have merged with bio-booster symbiotes so far, we shall describe only a bio-boosted human.

    The form of the Guyver, is rather insectoid. It consists of a soft body and a hard exoskeleton. The basic form of the Guyver remains human, although, it seems, with slightly elongated limbs. The entire body is covered by, and perhaps even suspended in, an organic body glove which still resembles the "wire" of the dormant unit. Smooth, segmented armor, which in texture somewhat resembles an eggshell, covers most of the vulnerable areas of the body, while allowing maximal freedom of movement. The Head is crowned with a single, swept-back horn or antenna; the face retains no human characteristics except for two large, opaque eyes. Besides that, a Guyver will also have two respiration units (typically, hexagonal ports on the cheeks) and a sonic oscillator in the form of two small, silvery spheres on its face. Although all units have the same color, each Guyver adopts a unique color scheme, which might be influenced by the psychological make-up of the host.

    A human who has merged with a bio-booster symbiote has not only gained the ability to summon the armor at any time. The change is more profound; the symbiote is present in every cell of the host´s body. He or she will have two small groups of pock-mark like organisms on their shoulder blades - these act as communication devices both between the hosts and the armor, and between different Guyvers. Otherwise, a Guyver host will resemble the human being he or she was before their transformation, down to the scars they had before then. The armor itself "travels along with them" in its own tiny pocket dimension, like a fold in space, really, available immediately.

    This is what happens when a host calls on the armor:

    The host activates the psionic link with the armor, specifically the control medal. Usually, this intense call will be accompanied by a sort of "kiai", traditionally unique to the host (For instance, Fukamachi would cry "Guyver!" while Makishima would speak "Bio-boost!").

    The dimensional wall is breached by the control medal, dragging the armor along. This causes a shockwave, which clears the host from anything that may get caught between the armor and his body.

    Nobody understands why clothing is not affected by this, but it isn’t.

    The "soft" armor wraps itself around the host in the form of tendrils; these liquefy and merge into the flexible body-glove before solidifying again, all in a split second.

    At the same time, the body of the host modifies itself; human organs, muscles, bones even, change shape or shrink away to be supplemented or replaced by the symbiote´s organs, muscles and bones.

    The hard parts of the armor sink on and merge into the body glove.

    Any excess air is expelled through the respirator units on the face, as a sort of warning or challenge to any opponents. The Guyver is ready to fight.

    The functions of the Guyver are all-encompassing. Since the symbiote takes over the organic functions of the host, there is in theory no need to ever remove the armor, even to feed or relieve oneself. A Guyver can survive in any atmosphere or lack thereof, under almost any conceivable pressure. It can resist exposure to temperatures of thousands of degrees. It has resistance against acids and alkali compounds.

    Even if it should happen that a Guyver is injured, it will regenerate itself in minutes. Depending on the energy reserves, even a lost limb or a critically damaged brain will be restored without any long-term consequences. The control medal "saves" all the host´s memories. The Guyver does not even appear to need raw material to regenerate its body; even when only the control medal was left of Guyver One, his entire body was regenerated in a matter of hours.

    If the sheer, raw drive and ability to survive of a Guyver are intimidating, even more frightening is its array of deadly weapons.

    A Guyver possesses a standard arsenal; its first and foremost weapon is of course it´s immense strength. A Guyver is approximately one hundred times as strong as the average human being, allowing him to run at hundreds of miles an hour, make seemingly impossible jumps and overcome even the strongest Zoanoids in a match of strength.

    To supplement this enormous power, a Guyver possesses, in its limbs, inertia generators, which enhance the impact of a kick or punch far beyond (ten times, it is estimated) what they would be even with the enormous strength of the armor behind it. Flesh and bone are as flan and Styrofoam to it.

    Positioned on its forearms, a Guyver has "sonic swords", organic blades, composed from thousands of micro-fine plates, layered on top of one another, each vibrating separately. The blades can change shape; this suggests that each of the layers of the sword is actually a single molecule, which can be folded up like a "Jacob´s ladder". So far, there has been nothing that the blades can´t actually cut - except another sonic sword.

    On the forehead, directly above the control medal, sits a small, marble-like object like a staring eye. This is actually a laser, very powerful for its economic size. The "head-beam" can easily pierce a Zoanoid´s skin, or vaporize a bullet in mid-air.

    As mentioned before, also located on the face are the small, silvery spheres of the sonic oscillator. Normally, they act as vocal synthesizers for the host, but their frequency and power output can be regulated to use them as a weapon. Not only can the "sonic buster" disable enemies by using infrasound or ultrasound, it can actually atomize them by emitting a vibration on the specific frequency of organic molecules, causing them to vibrate themselves apart.

    Roughly where a belt buckle should be, sits a larger silvery sphere. This is the gravity control center, which not only allows the Guyver to make itself weightless or super-heavy, but also can generate a microscopic wormhole which is then converted into a devastating graviton pulse, which can punch neat, round holes in concrete walls or enemies. Also, by manipulating gravity, the Guyver can create a shield in front of themselves. However this occurred in the original animated series and it is unclear if it is canon.

    Finally, the deadliest weapon by far is the "Megasmasher". This is located under the armored chest panels, which first have to be opened - this is usually done by hand, but specialized tendrils can also fulfill this function if the arms are disabled.

    Once the chest panels are opened, viscous liquid lenses inflate to full size, bulging out like huge eyes, and charge up; this takes a few seconds, depending on the intensity of the blast, and can also be done with the panels still closed.

    The blast, when released, accelerates all particles in its path to almost light speed. The lenses themselves actually only project energy; the material destructive effect is caused by a relatively faint blast of particles, which however move at such gigantic speed they tear anything and everything apart at a subatomic level. Literally nothing made of matter can survive this effect.

    Typically, a full-power blast reduces everything in a fifteen foot wide, one-mile long shaft to ions. Lower power settings are also possible (and indeed necessary).

    Even a human host can use these weapons with deadly effect; if the control medal switches to auto-defense mode, because the host is disabled, however, the Guyver truly becomes an unstoppable, merciless killing machine.

    There are few opponents that can realistically take on a Guyver. No Zoanoid can hope to prove a real threat, and the same goes for most Hyper-Zoanoids. All Enzyme-types possess the means to injure and theoretically critically disable a Guyver, but even so, their power has always proven insufficient to defeat their more versatile enemy. Any Zoalord can take on a Guyver, although even their defenses cannot completely protect them from the Mega-smasher. The only being who does not have to fear a Guyver in battle at all, is Arcanfel himself.

    The greatest weakness of the Guyver, then, is the host himself. It has been proven possible to make a host subconsciously reject the armor and thus render him helpless to summon its power. Unfortunately, the two active Guyvers have already proven capable of overcoming such a strategy - Fukamachi through determination, and Makishima because he does not allow himself emotional weaknesses.

    Chronos originally retrieved three G-units from the only surviving Creator Ship on earth: the Relic under Mount Minakami in Japan. Archanfel, who presumably was in hibernation at the time, could not foresee the betrayal of two parties at once, and thus it could happen that even before Richard Guyot could apprehend the units, they were stolen by a rogue Zoanoid by order of Agito Makishima. Chronos agents managed to retrieve only one unit - the damaged one, which died with Guyver Two. The other units ended up as Guyver One and Guyver Three. Of course, now a means had to be found to remove the units from their hosts and return them to their dormant state. And found it was. By order of Dr.Shirai, a corrupt Chronos scientist operating under commander Guyot, Zoanoids retrieved a Unit Remover, as they had found the G-units, months before.

    The Unit Remover is apparently a standard tool of the Creators. In case a unit or a host went rogue, the Remover could seperate host and unit, returning it to its dormant form. One of these tools was given to Archanfel, long ago, to neutralize the deadly Guyver Zero, but he had since returned it. Guyot now possessed one, the only one on Earth, and Archanfel wanted it. Both Zoalords desired a G-unit, because both had realized what the Creators had, untold millennia before: If a G-unit could make a normal human almost rival a Zoalord in power, what it could turn a Zoalord into was surely a being of divine power. Guyot desired power more than anything else - it was what had made him a Zoalord, it would be what would make him the supreme power.

    Archanfel, for his part, needed a Guyver to regenerate his body, which had apparently sustained a critical injury when the Creators left him behind.

    Both Zoalords vied for possession of the Remover, with Guyot finally using it on Guyver Three. Unfortunately, because of Agitos assault on guyot, he was forced to fire without charging fully. This allowed Agito to retain his grip on the unit, albeit with some real effort. Before Guyot could make another attempt, he was eliminated by Archanfel, and the Remover has since been missing, possibly destroyed in the fiery conflagration of Mount Minakami.

    During this monumental event, both Guyvers turned their Megasmashers on Archanfel, only to have their weapons turned against them and nearly being destroyed. Now, Guyver One´s link with the Creator Ship proved crucial. In his final microseconds of consciousness, he desired more than anything else the power to oppose his superior enemy... and the control system of the Relic responded. First by teleporting him and Guyver Three to safety, and secondly by fitting him with a means to take on any Zoalord: the Gigantic Armor .

    Later, Guyver Three discovered that he, too, could use the Gigantic Armor, in the form of the Gigantic Dark.

    And thus, matters now stand. Against the uncountable hordes of Chronos now stand the two deadliest warriors the world has ever seen: the Guyvers.


    Guyver 00

    Guyver Zero was the first human to merge with a bio-booster symbiote. The combination was so terrifyingly powerful, and what is more, uncontrollable by the creators, that they not only had him destroyed, but left the Earth altogether and tried to destroy the planet.

    Guyver Zero existed for maybe less than one hour. He almost immediately turned on his Creators although this is uncertain as to whether it was the human's will or the Unit in defensive mode. The Creators had the new Guyver fight a T-Rex, which it defeated very quickly, but could have been considered a threat by the Unit, leading it to attack further targets. Archanfel, by their command, separated the host and the bio booster-symbiote, and killed the host. We never learned his name.

    Guyver 01

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    Guyver One is Sho Fukamachi , an ordinary high school student, who was merged with a bio-booster symbiote completely by accident. Chronos has attempted anything in their power to get the bio-weapon back... and thus turned Guyver One into one of their most deadly enemies.

    Although Guyver One is probably the least powerful Guyver due to the nature of its host as it can be assumed that all Guyver Units have the same power levels so differences between them come predominantly from their Hosts, he is nevertheless a formidable opponent. He is also the warrior who successfully merged with a Creator-ship, and as a result created the Gigantic upgrade. This alone makes him unique.

    Guyver 02

    Guyver Two was Oswald Risker, a high-placed Chronos official who by accident (?) merged with the only bio-booster symbiote that was retrieved after the Malmot-incident. He set out to defeat Guyver One and retrieve the control-medal, but discovered too late that his own control-medal had sustained critical damage. He died horribly when his control medallions failed and his symbiotic armor turned on his own body consumed it; his disintegrating body was destroyed by Guyver One.

    Guyver 03

    Guyver Three is Agito Makishima , also a high school student, although of a higher class than Fukamachi. Unlike the other Guyvers, he merged with the final bio-booster symbiote deliberately. This move suits his personality, which craves power above anything else as he called himself Zeus to Chronos for he would take their Throne. He is the deadliest surviving Guyver, partly because his greater willpower enabled him to take control of the Gigantic unit from Fukamachi to merge with it himself, to become the deadliest warrior the world has ever seen: the Gigantic Dark. Deadly; yes, humane; questionable.

    In what appears to be an alternate timeline - Guyver Live Action Movies, Shawn Barker, an American college student, merged with the only bio-booster symbiote, also quite by accident. Like Sho Fukamachi, his counterpart, he came into conflict with his universe´s version of Chronos, and had to face a Zoalord.

    He, too, interfaced with a Creator-ship.

    In yet another alternate timeline - Guyver Animated Movie, Sho Fukamachi did become the first Guyver, but instead of Oswald Risker, a woman by the unlikely name of Valkuria became Guyver Two. Despite this difference, she met the same fate as her male counterpart. She was also a Chronos official.


    It is not known if humanity was ever meant for mergence with the Boost Armor tool; though it appears a test millions of years ago provided unexpected results. The resulting Human/Boost Armor combination was so different, so drastic, that the creators labeled the combination 'Guyba', translated from their language to mean "Beyond the Norm". The word 'Guyba' has currently been blurred into 'Guyver'.

    The Boost Armor is a tool, not a weapon. A 'Guyba' however, appears to hold incredible destructive capabilities. It is because of the inherent characteristics of humanity that the Boost Armor's augmentation of a Human user yields such a powerful destructive force.

    The Boost Armor affects each species, and each host differently. All data regarding the Boost Armor system is based on human booster specimens; and therefore must be noted as Guyba specific. Any data regarding the emergence of a Booster to another species is purely speculation.


    The Gravity Controller is a metallic orb that is generated by the organic booster material. It's importance to the Boost Armor system is second only to the host and Control Metal.

    The primary function is to siphon energy from the alternate spacial plane (dimension), which we believe is distributed as a gravitational field throughout the body, and to various Boost Armor organs. The gravity controller is essential for the summoning of the Boost Armor by a user, as it provides contact across the dimensional barrier. Hence, the gravity controller is responsible for:

    • -Control of Gravitational Forces

    • -Providing the Energy for the Boost Armor to feed

    • -Providing the Gravitational Energy for a variety of Tools/Weapons

    • -Dimensional Crossing

    As a side note, the existence of the gravity controller greatly expands our view over the fabric/structure of space... as we can see how gravity is one of the most elemental forces, linking between planes of existence... linking between dimensions. Strong evidence that supports string theory.


    Upon mergence, a Human is genetically modified, primarily to allow compatibility with the Boost Armor. These modifications also increase the strength of the bone and musculature structures; although the enhancement has only been demonstrated in the boosted form, leading us to believe that energy provided by the gravity controller is necessary in order for the enhancements to function.

    It is known that a Human 'Booster' is capable of retracting the Boost Armor, thus attaining a quasi-Human form. In 'Human' form, the Human's own internal organs are used; but upon 'Boosting', (Summoning the Boost Armor form), the Boost Armor provides organs that are superior in performance. To eliminate unnecessary action and prevent conflict between the sets, the Human internal organs are regressed during the boosted form into mere remnants. The only exception to the regression is the Human's nervous system.

    It is also known that the Boost Armor builds/grows itself with redundant systems, meaning two of each organ.


    Aside from genetics, one of the modifications to all human Boosters are permanent telepathy growths located on each shoulder blade of the user itself. Connected to the user's central nervous system, the primary purpose of the growths is for the human form of the Booster to summon the Boost Armor across the spatial plane (see Summoning)

    They can be used for telepathic communication between Boosters, but it appears that the user must be in the Boosted form to transmit.


    The primary heart of the Armor, (in cases that we know of), rests beneath the left mid section of the torso (just beneath the breast plate). Even though the pulse rate is the same as the host, this organ is regarded as being more powerful than the human host's natural heart because it is astronomically stronger, allowing it to handle a greater flow (a greater volume and motion) of blood.

    Understandably, the blood is easily pumped to the outside portions of the Boost Armor. We believe the host has been modified so that blood can flow through connective strings into the nose or mouth, to the host's enhanced muscles and natural brain.


    The primary lungs of the Armor rest beneath the breast plates; the closest chest organs to the skin of the host. The secondary lung is a compact organ; placed at the surface of the armor, between the upper portion of the chest plates.

    Air is obtain through the 'breather units'. These are geometric nozzle structures which act like vents when expelling waste materials. Currently, it is unknown why they are placed in the mouth region of every Booster.

    Connecting the lungs to the breather units are two cords along the neck. These cords extract oxygen so that the lungs may process it into the blood. It is because of these cords that a Guyver can breathe in any oxygenated environment, typically atmospheric and aquatic.


    The eyes of the Armor usually rest over the eyes of the host. Their structure however appears quite different. Based on the evidence available, the eyes appear to be thin surfaces exposed only when in Boosted form. The entire surface is absorbent to light, essentially expanding the vision; because of this, we believe the images are processed/translated before being fed to the users mind. They have also been observed glowing; we believe they are providing their own light source when necessary... a self contained sensory system as opposed to a humans.


    The primary weapon of the Guyba system, a particle cannon of incredible power.

    This weapon is an organ that rests under the breast plate, just over the Boost Armor primary lung. This weapon must be exposed in order to function; hence the capability for the breast plates to 'open'. The breast plates can be opened manually by being pulled by the arms; however, it is thought that a backup system exists... muscles are attached to the lower portion of each plate, unfortunately, due to their angle they are not as efficient and endure some strain to perform this act.

    The organ appears to be a transparent globulous structure; however, it attains a sphere state upon activation. The sphere state of the megasmasher organ compresses the primary lungs of the Boost Armor, forcing the secondary lungs to compensate. Once the sphere state of the organ has been attained, an energy build up occurs. This energy build up emits a strong glow.

    The organ then releases the accumulated energy at it's target in a wide beam type fashion... a beam that completely encompasses the target. This energy release could be described as similar to the blast of an atomic wave; it appears to vaporize anything in it's path. Unfortunately, due to energy constraints, this weapon can not be used continuously.


    The secondary weapon of the Guyba system.

    A small protrusion can be found at the elbows of most Guyba systems. This protrusion is capable of extending to the length of approximately one meter, forming a back swept sword. This sword system is designed to vibrate at high frequencies, allowing it to cut through virtually any material.

    This weapon is an excellent example of the Boost Armor's adaptability to a variety of user's, as there appears to be a variety of frequency sword formations... ranging from duel back swept swords, to even forward facing swords that rest over the energy compressor.


    Essentially, these are gravity based momentum boosters. These organic organs are located at various places through out the Boost Armor, notably at the fore arms and calves of the legs.

    The operation of these organs can best be explained by mentioning Einstein's famous equation, E=MC²; meaning that matter and energy are interchangeable. The gravity controller provides the energy for the Power Amplifier organs to increase the mass up to ten times of the normal body weight. This mass increase is not to be confused as matter generation, it is relativity... by coupling more energy onto an individual particle, it's mass is increased compared to a similar particle in a different energy field. This can be thought of as giving a small car the power of a semi.

    This energy/matter conversion is a controlled process, and is used to manipulate the momentum of the Boost Armor. With this system, the force of a punch or kick is highly increased.


    These organs are used to focus and compress energy that is provided by the gravity controller. On the Guyba, they appear to be located on the back surface of each wrist.

    This organ, and apparently with the use of the fingers, can focus and compress energy into a mini-black hole. This singularity is apparently not stable, but temporary; and rather useful as a 'pressure cannon' weapon. Upon formation, the singularity sucks material into itself, (compressing it under high pressure). The hands can then give the singularity direction by dipping into the event horizon, and pull/throw it towards a target. Upon entering the surface of the target the singularity breaks down, releasing the pressurized material, blasting open the target.

    It is thought the energy compressors may serve other purposes. Research into their alternate applications is still under way.


    These organs rest aside the gravity controller, on each hip of the Boost Armor. By manipulating the energy provided by the gravity controller, they allow the Booster to control it's position in space, in essence allowing the Booster to fly/float.


    This small orb rests above the Control Metal of every Guyba system, and is thought to be made of green zoa-crystal. It's function... a high intensity laser. It is known that the host of the Boost Armor can mentally target opponents with this weapon. The control metal has been observed automatically using this weapon to defend itself.

    Even though it can only be used for cutting or burning, the head beam has the advantage over the megasmasher of having no charge up time, as it instantly converts energy into it's beam. Unfortunately, it seems that as a high energy device, the head beam laser can not operate while the Booster is exhausted.

    It should also be noted that behind the head beam, are two red orbs. The function of these orbs is currently unclear, but we speculate that they are red zoa-crystal, and aid in the function of the head beam.


    Two metallic orbs rest at the sides of the Guyba systems head. These sensor units are akin to radar devices, actively scanning objects beyond the visual spectrum, even through barriers.

    Each orb is capable of acting independently, but we believe that by working in tandem, they can obtain a three dimensional scan of the environment. It has been noted in every Boost Armor, that each sensor orb rests on an organic 'track' that allows movement. We believe the purpose of the 'track movement' is to switch position of an orb in the event that one is blocking the scanning view of another... or rather, obtain a better parallel scanning angle. The parallel scanning angle can also be moved to focus on particular objects for a higher degree scan. Whatever the implementation of tracks, the Orbs appear to move in positions for a better scan.


    Located in the mouth region of every Booster are two small metallic orbs. The function of the sonic oscillator's is apparently to generate all audio emissions. This tool can be used by the will of the host to reclaim the ability of verbal communication. As a weapon, the sonic oscillator's appear to be able to target materials in the air, such as missiles and the surface of other threat objects. Unfortunately, the destructive aspect of the Sonic Oscillator's requires the host to focus on the target material.

    Other Media

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    Two low-budget films have been made loosely based on the Guyver.


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