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    Sho Fukamachi was a typical teenager until stumbling upon the Guyver1 Unit that would lead the Zoanoids of Chronos Corporation to hunt him.

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    Sho is a passive-aggressive type person that avoids conflict if at all possible. He doesnt really care much for his own well being but do everything possible to save his loved ones. Sho has carried a crush for his best friend Tetsuro's little sister Mizuki but never acted on his feelings due to her favoring class president Agito Makishima.


    Sho has always been the quiet type and never really had friends. It is mostly due to losing his mother Akie at a very young age. This has lead Sho to form a much stronger realationship with his father Fumio. He often tried not to cause trouble for his father because of what they both lost. He has tried to appear strong and be the man he believes his mother and father wanted him to be. Sho has known both Tetsuro and Mizuki Segawa since his mother died. Sho and Tetsuro are bestfriends and go nearly everywhere together. Sho harbors an unwaivering crush on Mizuki who is oblivious to his feelings and treats him like another brother. In recent years Fumio's work often keeps him away from Sho and they dont get to talk as much as they use to. Sho hopes to find out what he will do in life before he and Tetsuro investigate an incident that changes both their lives forever.

    Guyver Era

    Sho along with Tetsuro investigate a loud explosion in a woodland area that leads them to the Guyver1 Unit. Even though Tetsuro picks it up when the Guyver1 Unit bonds with Sho. Tetsuro is alone as Sho falls into the water while bonding with the Guyver1. Chronos Operatives show up looking for the unit only to find Tetsuro. Gregole believes Tesuro is hiding the unit and reveals his Zoanoid form to the frighten teen. He is saved by the sleeping Guyver1 that instinctly protects Tetsuro from Gregole. The others retreat but report sighting Tetsuro with the Guyer1. Chronos men pose as police to bring Tetsuro in for questioning. Sho gets a bad feeling and follows them. He is found out and faces a zoanoid that questions him too. Sho figures the guyver must be the alien that attached to him and shouts it's name to summon the bio boosted armor and becomes Guyver1 once again. Guyver1 fights the zoanoid Vamore and overpowers him with the devastating Mega Smashers. The next day while Sho and Tetsuro are at school the zoanoids attack again and force Sho to transform. It was a trap to lure Guyver1 out to face Oswald Lisker who reveals himself as Guyver2. This Guyver2 is more knowledgable about the Guyver Units and their abilities. He displays the power of his head laser in attempts to kill Tetsuro the only witness so far. Guyver1 saves him and proceeds to fight a losing battle against the more skilled Guyer2. A lucky shot to the control medal from Guyver1 causes Guyver2 to malfunctions and devour Lisky alive. Sho learns that the control medal is vital to him being Guyver1 and becomes fearful that enemies may target his control medal to stop him. Later Sho is annoyed as Mizuki is obsessive with Agito and helps him with a project. Sho teams up with Tetsuro as usual for a school newsletter.  Once done with school Sho learns more about Agito from Tetsuro who did research on Sho's main competion for Mizuki's affections. They are interrupted by zoanoids that ambush Sho. He becomes Guyver1 using the kinetic barrier formed to protect him while transforming to kill the zoanoids in one blow. The new threat to Guyver1 is the hyper-zoanoid Zerbubuth who spews a corrosive acid. The fight is just as hard as fighting Guyver2 but no control medal for Guyver1 to hit. Mizuki shows up by chance and Zerbubuth abucts her as Guyver1 was gaining the upperhand. Guyver1 follows them into a building to be startled by Zerebubuth emerging and revealed to have been split in half down the middle of his entire body. Mizuki is found safe in the arms of Guyver3.


    Sho and Tetsuro gain another dilemma on their hands as Mizuki fainted after seeing Zerebubuth and was abducted. They know Chronos will try to say that she is a witness. It gets even worse when Sho receive a letter from Chronos wanting him to come to an isolated location or more innocents would be involved. Sho goes with Tetsuro accompanying him. They encounter Genzo Makishima the former head of Chronos Japan Branch that was demoted for failure to obtain the Guyver1 unit. He was forced to be prematurely optimized into Enzyeme, another hyper zoanoid infused with corrosive fluids made especially to dissolve the Bio Boosted Armor. Sho immediately becomes Guyver1 as Enzyeme injures his chest to prevent usage of his Mega Smashers.  Guyver1 does his best to avoid further contact with Enzyeme and finds his armor has generative
    capabilities. Guyver1 attempts to use his Mega Smasher only for Enzyeme to bite off his right arm and then impale him through the stomach. Guyver1 is left helpless as Enzyeme rips out his control medal and Sho's worst fear is realized. The Guyver1 loses control and consumes Sho just as Guyver2 did with Risker. Before he is fully devoured Sho grabs Enzyeme to let his own corrosive fluids get on the Hyper Zoanoid. Enzyeme suddenly explodes as his blood dissolves the remains of Sho and Guyver1.


    It isnt long before Chronos discovers another ability of Guyver1. Sho is revived with the Guyver1 as the control medal was still intact and generated another bio boosted lifeform along with it's host. Guyver1 acts on basic instincts upon revival and proceeds to tear up the Chronos Japan Headquarters unaware that Guyver3 was doing the same thing. Sho doesnt awaken inside Guyver1 until encountering Tetsuro who wakes him up. Guyver1 and Tetsuro proceed to find Richard Guyot who informs them that humans are a product of alien beings known as the Creators. Guvery 3 reveals himself as the building starts to explode. He informs Guyver1 of yet another power to fly using his gravital orb. Guyver1 escapes the exploding building with Tetsuro and Guyver3.

    Lost Ones

    Sho is able to return to a somewhat normal life after the fall of Chronos Japan and Guyot seeming demise. He is bothered by his resurrection and the fact he is a clone generated by the Guyver1. Sho doesnt have long to dwell on these feelings as a trip to the library reveals Tetsuro encountered the original Guyver1 remains that partially regenerated without a control medal. Things get worst as imperfect Sho transforms in front of Mizuki to cause her to faint in Tetsuro's arms. Guyver1 believes this being is his ghost and chases it right into the path of Guyver3. The impefect Guyver turns back human to display great agility to flee again. Guyver3 tries to make Guyver1 understand he is the real deal. The imperfect Guyver sneaks up on Guyver1 and attempts to absorb him but the opposite happens instead. Guyver3 is glad to have Guyver1 still around to be used for his plans. Sho isnt as pleased as he realizes the Guyver1 can replicate as many copies of him as needed and he longs to be free of it. Sho begins to avoid Mizuki in fear she will fear him as Guyver1. Tetsuro believes all will be okay with Chronos destruction only to run into a Chronos agent seconds later. Sho wants to run away but Tetsuro is injured by the Hyper Zoanoid  Panadyne. Sho reluctantly becomes Guyver1 again to protect his friend. He fights unable to utilize the Mega Smashers due to the residental surrounding. He instinctly unleashes his Pressure Cannon for the first time. This forces Panadyne to run away. Sho disengages from Guyver1 unaware Mizuki had been watching half the fight without fainting this time. Sho immediately runs away to a park. He notices a fire and checks it out to find out it belongs to a witness that saw Guyver1 fighting Panadyne. Sho knows that Tetsuro and Mizuki must be endanger as well. He becomes Guyver1 and rushes to the Segawa household to find Somlum, a member of the Lost Number Unit has rendered his friends unconcious. Guyver1 gets Somlum away from his friends and kills him with the Mega Smashers. Later Guyver1 and Guyver3 eliminate a few Chronos agents on some kind of stake out unaware they are now targeting Fumio Fukamachi, Sho's father. Sho goes home exhausted and wonders about Guyver3's intention. The following day at school Sho witnesses Agito being taken away by an individual that resembles an agent of Chronos. Sho becomes Guyver1 and gives pursuit. He encounters the remaining members of the Lost Number Unit Aptom and Dyme.  Guyver1 is puzzled when Aptom reveals his Guyver like form. Guyver1 finds it hard to fight Aptom as Dyme is able to bond and control the surrounding terrain. This changes when Dyme suddenly releases Guyver1 in the middle of battle. Guyver1 is able to injure Aptom and kill Dyme with his high frenquency blade. Guyver1 proceeds to look for Agito only to be stopped by the mysterious Murakami who knows Sho's identity as Guyver1. Murakami reveals Agito was with Chronos and set a trap for Guyver1. Murakami reveals his status as a freelance reporter and is willing to help bring down the worldwide corporation of Chronos. Sho is dropped off to meet agents that have captured Mizuki. They handcuff Sho to Mizuki so he will not engage Guyver1 because that would kill her instantly. Murakami stops Sho from going with them and attempts to fight them with his handgun. Sho is warned by Murakami not to trust Mizuki. He finds out the truth when Mizuki isnt aware today wasnt her birthday. Sho's apprehensions about transforming go away and he becomes Guyver1 killing the fake Mizuki. He slaughters the Zoanoids only to lose sight of Murakami in the heat of battle. He finds Murakami facing a Zoanoid and kills it. Murakami decides to take Sho to Relic's Point where Tetsuro, Mizuki and his father are most likely being held.

    Hyper Zoanoid Team Five


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