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Guy has mastered the art of ‘Bushin’ style ninjitsu and isn’t afraid to use it. Teaming up with his sparring partner Cody Travers and Mayor Mike Haggar in Final Fight, the two set out on a brawl across Metro City to save the former's girlfriend and latter's daughter respectively from Belger, the leader of the Mad Gear gang. Apparently unable to perform a good deed without justifying it through personal gain, Guy justifies the challenge as a way to put his skills to the test. Guy also appears in the Street Fighter Alpha series. In Street Fighter IV, Guy senses a great evil presence and sets off to stop it. Along the way he encounters Cody who has become a criminal. When Guy wins, Cody still escapes and insists that he is not the hero he once was.

Other Media

Film and Animation

Video game appearances

  • Final Fight (first appearance)

  • Final Fight Guy

  • Mighty Final Fight

  • Final Fight 3

  • Final Fight Revenge

  • Final Fight Streetwise

  • Street Fighter Alpha

  • Street Fighter Alpha 2

  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold

  • Street Fighter Alpha 3

  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper

  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

  • Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

  • Capcom Fighting Evolution

    Street Fighter IV

    Super Street Fighter IV

    Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition


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