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Gustav Hauptmann started out as a scientist working for the Nazi leader, Hitler. Later, when Hitler died and the Third Reich fell, Hauptmann went to work for the Red Skull. He was earnestly committed to the Red Skull until the day Dr. Doom captured him and forced him to work for him. Eventually Hauptmann came to love working for Dr. Doom and became utterly loyal to him. 


Gustav Hauptmann was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Joe Sinnot.   

Major Story Arcs

Prince Zorba of Latveria

When the former prince of Latveria, Zorba, was captured by Dr. Doom, Hauptmann was tasked with experimenting on him as a form of torture. He ended up replacing Zorba's right eye with a cybernetic one. 

Within the Tortured Land & The Victims

Hauptmann created many powerful killer robots for Dr. Doom in order to destroy the Fantastic Four. When the robots confronted the Fantastic Four they were a great match for them, but Hauptmann warned Dr. Doom of a unfortunate flaw in the robots that could destroy them if the Fantastic Four discovered it. Dr. Doom was furious over this, but calmed down when he decided on another course of action to destroy the Fantastic Four with his robots. He had the robots lead the Fantastic Four into a bomb zone. Once all the robots were defeated, Dr. Doom set off the bombs, but the Fantastic Four managed to be saved from the explosion thanks to the Invisible Woman.  

The Power and the Pride

Later, the Fantastic four went to attack the Dr. Doom's castle. Hauptmann quickly notified his master and so Dr. Doom planned to lure the Fantastic Four into a particular chamber of his castle and kill them using a weapon known as the Hyper-Sound Device.  
Afterwards, Hauptmann confronted Dr. Doom's royal painter in the art chamber, and revealed that he'd discovered the painter was actually a S.H.I.E.L.D. spy. Hauptmann was about to kill the spy, but he was stopped by Mr. Fantastic.  
Hauptmann then attempted to kill Mr. Fantastic and the rest of the Fantastic Four with a flamethrower, but Dr. Doom believed that Hauptmann would accidentally end up destroying his artwork, and so he used the Hyper-Sound Device that he'd intended for the Fantastic Four on Hauptmann and killed him, considering his artwork more valuable that Hauptmann's life. 

Powers and Abilities

Gustav Hauptmann was an inventor of considerable genius, capable of grafting cybernetics onto human bodies, creating a horde of incredibly powerful killer robots, as well as designing a diverse range of other forms of weaponry.  
Despite being not much of a physical fighter, Hauptmann was still more than willing to use various weapons capable of lethal force. 
Hauptmann was also a willing and experienced torturer, and most likely shared many of the Nazi philosophies. He gladly served anyone in a postion of power.  


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