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 Gus Sorola is a the real life staff member of Rooster Teeth Productions and a member of the Rooster Teeth Staff. He is the main tech support for the company and is a force of constant rage. 

Year One

 Gus was first featured at the beginning of the Rooster Teeth Comic in a strip titled "Gus-man" wherein he and Geoff discuss Gus's brand new utility belt (which he got because he was tired of looking in his backpack.  
Gus's unbridled rage was first shown when he was exploding with curses over an online Xbox game of Uno. Matt and Jason both assumed it had been Halo 2. 
 Stress relief
 Stress relief
When Burnie and Geoff freaked themselves out playing Dead Rising Gus was at the butt-end of their makeshift zombie killing traps.  
Gus goes to a psychiatrist to discuss his horrible anger and discovers a useful technique of venting his rage on a pillow instead of an actual person. Unfortunately Geoff arrives with some bad news and Gus brutally assaults him with a pillow, his new stress relief technique working. 
At Matt's funeral Gus is excited to announce that he Beat Super Princess Peach on his Nintendo.  
Gus and Burnie wager how long Geoff will be able to stand his new puppy. Gus wins out on this bet. 
After seeing the movie Jackass 2, Jason and Geoff decide to prank Gus by putting grass in his coffee. Gus, however, is allergic to grass and has a very negative reaction, not that his colleagues really care. 
Jason strangles Gus with a keyboard during the Prank War. 
The epic Cake vs. Pie debate between Gus and Geoff begins simply enough when a waitress asks if they want dessert. Gus claims that Cake is the best dessert while Geoff argues Pie is better. They demand Jason takes a side, but he just orders cream brulee instead.  
When Gus has to got out of town he has no one to watch his cat, so Geoff, being such a good friend, offers to house/pet sit for his buddy. When Gus returns his home is trashed and his cat is missing. It is later revealed that Geoff has catnapped Gus's cat and intends to ransom him back. Geoff later returns the cat for free, but he has made up keys to Gus's house and has begun selling them on eBay, unbeknownst to Gus. 
 Gus - The Wolfman
 Gus - The Wolfman
Matt visits Gus as the company's Human Resource department to discuss Gus's outrageous anger issues and how he almost always injures his coworkers. He throws hot coffee in Geoff's face, stabs Jason with a pencil, and tries to burn Burnie alive for forgetting "no mayo".  
For the office Secret Santa, Gus gets Geoff an empty bottle of Jack (claiming it's a vase).  
Burnie complains that Gus doesn't take his job seriously enough to shave before coming into the office. Gus claims that he does shave, all the time in fact, and that he just grows hair extremely quickly. This is the first time "Wolf-Man" Gus is ever seen, when he doesn't shave in the morning. Burnie offers to become Gus's agent and tries to make some money off of Gus's abnormally fast growing facial hair.

Year Two

 Gus is unhappy to learn the his "Angry Gus" persona is not part of a multiple personality disorder like his psychiatrist first thought, but instead he's really just a jerk.  
Gus and Geoff, the original food debaters, claim the Jason and Matt are just posers when they fight over Cookies vs. Brownies. 
Gus gets an upsidedown version of a "mom" tattoo, confusing Jason and Matt. He explains that it's actually a tattoo to express his love of World of Warcraft.  
 Smiling hurts, make it stop...
 Smiling hurts, make it stop...
When Gus gets carpal tunnel he can't use the computer for a while and has to find something else to preoccupy his time. His wife suggests he goes for a walk. However, fresh air, pollen, sunlight and his grass allergy end up nearly killing him anyways. 
After not playing games for a week, Gus finally is in a good mood, smiling for the first time. This strange muscle straining hurts him.  
By not playing videogames for so long Gus's mood not only improves, but he starts to live a more healthy lifestyle all together. But the moment his carpal tunnel casts come off he is back to gaming and doesn't look or smell much better, and of course his mood is back together. 
On Gus's birthday, the guys give him a giant cake, out of which Geoff pops up with a pie to shove in Gus's face. 
Gus writes up a list of celebrities he wants to die, and after commenting on the list Matt gets added. 
Gus decides to saw off his hands and replace them with game controllers after seeing a movie. He later sees the downside to this when Jason asks him how exactly he plans on playing any games with no hands. 
Gus-Man appears for the first time when Gus dresses up as a superhero and tells Jason about his secret identity. Unfortunately his only real "superpower" is that he gets drunk. 
Later, after seeing Spider-Man 3, Gus decides to try out the same sort of thing for Gus-Man and paints black paint all over his superhero suit. He's allergic to paint, however, so this doesn't work out so well. 
Well trying to come up with a catchphrase for Gus-Man, Gus tries out a few well known phrases such as the Green LanternOath, Spider-Man's "With great power..." speech, the Thing's "it's clobbering time",Captain Marvel's "Shazam!" and finally comes up with "Man. I suck." 
 Why this is generally left to the robots.
 Why this is generally left to the robots.
During a convention Gus and Geoff sic glomps on each other by pressing a giant green button that says GLOMP.   
After seeing the Transformer's movie Gus decides to become his own Transformer like car and is fitted with wheels, however this does not go as well as planned. 
Burnie and Geoff can't seem to understand how Gus can play games but not care about getting achievements. He explains that they simply don't matter and he would rather play games for fun instead of seeing them as a job. 
Gus reveals that he knows more about the Cantaloupe Growers of America conspiracy against Watermelons than is healthy. They were apparently behind the Watergate scandal. Because of this knowledge, Gus is abducted by the CGA and has a chip inserted into his head to make him forget and appreciate Cantaloupe more than ever before.  

Year Three

 Similar to when Griffon leaves Geoff because of his complete ignorance, Gus's wife leaves him for his unrequited obsession with WoW. Eventually she just kicks him out and Gus ends up living at the office. 
Gus and Geoff end up having to get over some unspoken love between the two of them when they end up facing a neardeath (or at least hear some scary noises) while on a plane trip. Gus admits his love for Geoff, but Geoff just mocks him and hurts his fragile feelings. Later the two seem to make up, but the ending is a little confusing. 
 A little plastic surgery goes a long way
 A little plastic surgery goes a long way
In order to become the ultimate gamer, Gus has an extra thumb sewn onto each hand. These thumbs, however, turn out to be radioactive or something and try to choke Gus in his sleep. Gus begins to suspect that his new thumbs are evil and it turns out that he stole them from Matt (who has been to Hell, so it really makes sense that they are vile things).  
 A potential prank on Gus goes wrong when Gus makes a sizable donation to a charity with Geoff's credit card. 
 Griffon and Geoff go out with Gus and his wife for an awkward dinner.   
When Jason hogs the bathroom Gus ends up having to pee in a bunch of empty beer bottles in the closet. 
When Gus's wife gets a dog his life gets a little hectic, having to remember to pick up dog clothes from the dry-cleaner isn't as easy as it sounds. 
 An offer you can't refuse
 An offer you can't refuse
Gus discusses his conspiracy theories with Griffon, proving that they are all true.   When Gus is having marital problems, Matt offers up the Devil's services. He hires the Devil to kill her, but falls apart at the last moment, unable to follow through. He rushes to save his wife, but finds she's face and the Devil is the only one who's hurt, having slipped and fallen down.   
Gus has a horrible dream involving Dance Dance Revolution and his halfnaked coworkers. He wakes up angry as ever. 
Gus gets a bionic arm off of eBay, and shows it off to Joel who immediately gets one and suffers the consequences. 
Imitating a movie once again, and bringing back Gus-Man, Gus tries to copy the film Up by attempting to fly with the help of a few dozen balloons.  
 Trauma therapy for n00bs
 Trauma therapy for n00bs
Gus's wife leaves him once again when he gets caught up in games once again. 
After being pricked with everything at the doctors office to see what he's allergic to it is determined that Gus is, in fact, allergic to life in general.  
Prior to BlizzCon Gus must go through videogame trauma therapy in order to help get him to walk again.  
 When Matt tries to get in on Geoff and Gus's D&D nights, he is painfully shut down.      Matt tries again to have Geoff and Gus accept him into their D&D world and at least paint miniatures with them, but they again deny him. 
Geoff and Gus camp outside a game store in anticipation for a new game.  
 Geoff and Griffon leave home to visit relatives. Instead of hiring someone to watch the cats they ask Gus. He ends up peeing in the plants and playing XBox in the nude. Later, upon returning home the two find the Gus and his wife have had sex all over the Ramsey home.  Gus accented this by taking a picture of himself playing Xbox naked in their home.  
Wolf-Man Gus makes another appearance and he is hunted down by an angry mob thanks to the new Wolf-Man film.   

Year Four

 Suffer...the Gus Effect!
 Suffer...the Gus Effect!
Gus has a bad gaming experience playing Splinter Cell with Geoff. 
Nature attacks Gus once again while he tries to set up a filming outside. He ends up kneeling in something poisonous and is then scared by a bee. 
Poor Brandon suffers from the Gus Effect, wherein Gus's life sucking aura of anger prematurely ages those caught in his immediate vicinity.   

Running Gags

  • Gus-Man is a fun knockoff of the Rooster Teeth shorts video about Super-Gus, a parody Joel created of real Gus.
  • Gus's super anger towards the world.
  • The ultimate WoW gamer.
  • Nature is constantly out to get him.
  • The "HERE" incident wherein Gus and his wife had sex all over the Ramsey abode. 

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