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    Guri is an HRD (Human Replica Droid). Once serving as the personal assassin for the crime lord Xizor but after his death had herself deprogrammed for this function. She became her own master.

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    Black Sun Assassin

    "Man, she's a smooth piece of work. You could stack ice cubes on her head and they wouldn't melt. Unarmed, unless she was hiding a weapon somewhere I couldn't spot it. Very attractive, too, but there's something spooky about her."
    Lando Calrissian, after a meeting with Guri

    Guri at Xizors side
    Guri at Xizors side

    Guri was commissioned by Black Sun viggo Prince Xizor. Upon her completion Xizor has Guri kill her co-creator (who foresaw this outcome and had created an HRD of himself) and then made her his personal assistant (and assassin). Guri served Xizor for many years and carried out all of his orders without question. Guri was responsible for Princess Leia sneaking onto the planet Coruscant during her tenure as a rebel by giving her the bounty hunter Boushh's armor. Guri's tenure working for Black Sun ended when Prince Xizor tried to execute Luke Skywalker and his friends who had come to free the now captive Leia. Xizor was killed aboard his personal Skyhook by Darth Vader, under orders to keep Skywalker alive.


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    After Xizor's death Guri found herself without a purpose. She sought out her co-creator and had him remove her assassin programming. Now free, Guri went into business temporarily with the smuggler Dash Rendar. Guri became the template for a new HRD program. Afterwards the two parted company.

    Other Media

    Video Game

    Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

    Guri appeared in Shadows of the Empire that was released for the N64 and PC on December 3, 1996. Guri only has one scene and a few lines.


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