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A majastic God-like creature whom was one of the first Marvels. Gur was a member of the Lion-People, whom themselves where a scientifically advanced civilization. Gur fought the forces of evil during his short starring role in comics from the 1940's.

Mayor Story Arcs

Marvel Zombies

Nothing was heard from Gur in a long time untill he was drafted by A.R.M.O.R. into a fighting squad to help fight of a coming Nazi Zombie invasion. Gur accepted and became part of the "Ducky Dozen" after witch they where send of into the other dimension through a dimensional travel plane. The team immediately came under heavy zombie fire (as in, the zombies fired themselves towards the plane). Gur was fascinated by the sight, but overlooked a Nazi-Zombie coming right at him. The zombie bit him in the neck. Although Gur managed to defeat and kill his advisory, the damage was done and Gur started to become a zombie. It was then that Howard the Duck kicked him out of the plane, letting him fall down to the ground. Nothing was heard from him after that, but it appears his Zombie self was killed on impact.

Powers and Abilities

Gor possesses superhuman strength and especially keen senses.

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