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Gunpowder is a member of the teenage superhero team Teenage Kix from the Boys universe. He is NRA sponsored for his use of firearms. In his spare time he is into bondage and guns, usually at the same time. He resembles Judge Dredd in appearance. At one point his team catches the attention of Butcher and his team the Boys. Returning as an anti superheroes team Butcher picks the Teenage Kix as the first group of superheroes to be made an example out of. Blackmailing the team with incriminating and immoral activities and behavior, the Teenage Kix are required to sacrifice a member of their team to the public to avoid all the groups underhanded actions being made public. Gunpowder avoids being outed as he brings in a substantial amount of money through NRA endorsements. Shout Out is the member eventually outed.  

When the Homelander of the Seven recognizes Butcher's handiwork all over the blackmailing, he alerts Teenage Kix to who was manipulating them. Gunpowder was among the group when confronting The Boys, but like the rest of his team, he was brutally beaten by Butcher, The Frenchman, The Female, Hughie and Mothers Milk.          


Gunpowder a Dynamite Entertainment comic book team created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. The character first appears in the The Boys #4 released in 2006.  

Powers and Abilities

Gunpowder derives his powers from Compound V. 

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