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    Gunn Yage is the daughter of Nyna Calixte and half-sister of Cade Skywalker.

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    Nyna Calixte remarried after leaving Kol Skywalker and had a daughter. Gunn is the half-sister of Cade Skywalker. Gunn Yage is the daughter of Moff Rulf Yage and Nyna Calixte which makes her the half-sister of Cade Skywalker. She is an accomplished pilot, leading Skull Squadron, and has black-ops training.



    While stationed on Coruscant, Gunn and the rest of Skull Squadron chases Cade Skywalker, who is piloting the Mynock under false transponder codes, through the undercity trying to catch him to bring him to Emperor Krayt but he manages to escape and Gunn has the squad fan out and find him but they cannot. Back in the hanger the other members of the squad argue about why they lost the Mynock but she stops them before her father Moff Rulf Yage confronts her about losing the ship and blames her. Gunn says that it was because they were under strict orders to bring Cade in alive so they couldn’t risk disabling the ship. Moff Yage yells at her for making excuses and she tells him that if he is not satisfied with her command of the squad, he can replace her. Her father then commands her to have dinner with him as punishment. When he leaves the squad goes to a cantina so Gunn can start drinking to prepare for dinner the next night.

    At dinner the next night Moff Yage lightly chastises Gunn for being friends with her squad mates but before she can respond her mother, Nyna Calixte, shows up and sits down with them. Her mother wants information about the chase with Cade but Gunn is sarcastic and everyone threatens each other. Eventually Gunn tells her mother that she believes the ship that they were chasing was the Mynock.

    Several days later as Deliah Blue, Jariah Syn, Chak and Kee use the Mynock to mount a rescue mission for Cade, Gunn leads Skull Squadron in pursuit but is called off by the higher ups right before they can take the ship down.


    Sometime later Gunn is stationed on Tatooine because Skull Squadron was helping local Sith forces finish off stray Alliance ships and she plans to meet the rest of the squad in the local cantina for victory drinks but while getting ready she is called by her mother to meet Morrigan Corde and hunt down Cade, who had been raiding Imperial supply shipments. Before she is able to meet up with Morrigan, she finds Cade and Jariah in Gusha’s Luck Cantina in Mos Eisley When Jariah leaves Gunn gets Cade some drinks and hits on him a little before slipping him some tranquilizer to keep him quiet but awake and she leaves with him, telling him she is an Imperial Agent. Traveling through the Jundland Wastes Gunn contacts Morrigan who yells at her for introducing herself to the local Moff saying that she is in black-ops not a fighter pilot before Gunn ends the transmission after saying she has everything under control.

    Cade wakes up and the two talk for a little bit before Cade Force Chokes her to try and let him go but she grabs a blaster pistol and shoots, missing, but creaks his concentration before they are ambushed by three assassins sent by the pirates Cade was stealing from who was commanded by the local Moff, Gromia. Gunn and Cade survive the crash and Gunn refuses to give him a weapon and tries to call Morrigan for back up but the transmission won’t go through because of an incoming sandstorm.

    After trying to wait out the sandstorm, Gunn finally releases Cade from the stun-cuffs so they can escape but she doesn’t give back his weapons. The pair makes it to the Dune Sea before they get into a fist fight because Gunn found out that Cade had an extra rebreather but didn’t give it to her so she would die. Gunn loses the fight but Cade gets distracted by the Force Ghost of Luke Skywalker and Gunn puts a blaster to his head but he gets up, gives her the rebreather and she follows Cade to the now abandoned Lars Homestead. While they wait out the sandstorm, Gunn tries to call Morrigan but still can’t get through. Cade tells her she doesn’t have the guts to kill him up close but when she draws her blaster pistol, he uses the Force to take it. She grabs his rifle and tries to fire back after he fires warning shots but it has a recognition code that only allows Cade to use it. Gunn insults him and the Jedi, saying to was a shame her father missed some because he was the “Hero of Ossus” who ordered the orbital bombardment and led the Sith against the Jedi. They keep arguing about Ossus and the Jedi when Cade feels the three assassins from earlier coming through the Force and gives Gunn her pistol before they fall asleep waiting. Cade wakes up and saves himself and Gunn from Anzati assassins and they fight. Gunn is overpowered by the female, Nakia, but Cade distracts Nakia by killing her husband and Gunn shoots and stuns her and they leave to find Morrigan and Jariah outside, having killed the third assassin.

    Gunn parts ways with the others and confronts Moff Gromia about the stolen shipments, where it is revealed that Gromia was the leak to the Black Sun Pirates. The two fight and Gromia tells Gunn that her mother, Nyna Calixte, and Morrigan Corde are the same person. Gunn calls her a liar and in the ensuing struggle over a blaster pistol, Gunn shoots and kills Gromia.

    Later Missions

    Skull Squadron was part of the strike force in Operation: Thunderstroke that was designed to capture Roan Fel and kill Jedi representatives on the planet Agamar. While in hyperspace, the squad finds out that they now have to follow Sith pilots into battle instead of squad leaders but Gunn doesn’t care much because she has been so preoccupied with the information she learned about her mother. Gunn is introduced to Darth Rauder and sees that Skull Squadron’s ships have been replaced with newer, untested models and tells Rauder that it is a bad idea to use them instead of the old ships. Rauder tells her that the squad must obey her orders or die before leaving. Gunn stays in the hanger to speak to her father and asks him what she should do with the information about Morrigan Corde and Nyna Calixte being the same person even though the source is unreliable and she does this without naming names. He guesses that this is about a black ops mission with Corde but nothing else and tells her that if she is going to make a kill shot, be sure of it because once you do it cannot be taken back.

    During the Battle of Agamar Skull Squadron engages Imperial forces loyal to Fel and Gunn disables a ship but the pilot is able to eject and she is ordered by Darth Rauder to kill the pilot and when she hesitates Rauder threatens to kill Gunn. Before Gunn can pull the trigger, her squad mate Crasher kills the pilot and this greatly angers Rauder but the squad flies off to fight more Imperials before any punishment can be taken.

    Gunn and the rest of Skull Squadron is also present at the Bombardment of Da Soocha where Rauder orders the squad to shoot down civilian craft much to dismay of the members of the squad.

    Defection from the Sith Empire

    Several months later, Gunn finally summons the courage to tell her father that Nyna Calixte and Morrigan Corde are the same person. When she starts to tell him, she is interrupted by a holocomm from Morlish Veed, Nyna’s lover and High Moff, that he killed Nyna for being a spy to Roan Fel. After hearing this, Gunn does not tell her father about her mother.

    Gunn and the rest of Skull Squadron are part of the Imperial attack on the Jedi’s Hidden Temple and Rauder orders Gunn to shoot down the Mynock. Gunn hesitates because she believes Cade is on the ship and she is not willing to kill her own brother. After damaging the Mynock but before any of the squad can take the kill shot Rogue Squadron shows up and damages two Skulls which turns the fight into five Rogues on three Skulls and Gunn orders a retreat but Rauder supersedes the order telling the squad to stay and fight. Gunn tells her to stay if she wants to die because the odds are too heavily against them and Rauder promises to deal with Gunn. During the retreat the Jedi launch escape ships and Rauder orders the squad to destroy a ship full of younglings but Gunn refuses to kill children and instead kills Rauder. She then broadcasts to her father that she is defecting and saying that she is an honorable person and there is nothing honorable about fighting alongside the honor-less Sith. The Sith Lord on the bridge of her father’s Star Destroyer orders her to be shot down immediately but he is killed by her father, who joins her in defecting. After the battle on the bridge of the War Hammer, her father’s Star Destroyer, Gunn and Rulf are confronted by Morrigan and they reveal to Rulf that Morrigan is Nyna and Gunn’s mother.

    Battle of Coruscant

    During the Battle of Coruscant, Skull Squadron and Rogue Squadron team up to fight the Sith Troopers in the atmosphere to try to keep Sith fighters from attacking the starships in orbit. During the battle Crasher, a Skull, gets disabled and bails reminding Gunn to keep a clear head because the Sith Troopers are dangerous foes.


    Gunn Yage is a young woman who is very physically and mentally fit from years of training as a fighter pilot in the Sith and Imperial Navy along with receiving black-ops training. She has short blonde hair which reaches her neck and a tattoo of a skull with two unattached, downward pointing, curved horns on her right bicep. She also has pale blue eyes.


    Gunn was raised in the military by her father, Moff Rulf Yage, and was instilled with principles like honor, courage and duty. She is also a capable leader and is well liked and respected by her fellow pilots in Skull Squadron. She is very loyal to her father and loves him; however she hates her mother, Nyna Calixte (aka Morrigan Corde) because she abandoned Rulf and Gunn for Morlish Veed. Gunn is an Imperial to the core, resenting the Jedi Order as a menace, feelings that are reinforced after meeting her half-brother, Cade Skywalker. After she finds out that they are siblings she is in a state of disbelief and shock for several months while she tries to figure out what to do with the information. A romance is hinted at between her and fellow squad member Tev “Crasher” Rimon.

    Gunn’s honor is her most defining trait. She ends her service to the Sith Empire after realizing that she cannot maintain her honor and serve them so she defects to Roan Fel’s Empire. She came to this decision after being ordered to kill Cade, who she knows next to nothing about but is family, and younglings.


    Gunn is a non-Force sensitive human woman. She is however very fit; she is an accomplished fighter pilot and the captain of Skull Squadron, an elite unit. She is also very adept at covert operations even though she has only been on one real mission. She is an adept close quarters combatant and capable with blasters.


    Gunn has her own TIE Predator, a variant of a TIE Fighter, and a standard Imperial pilot suit and formal uniform. She also owns several blasters.


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