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The Gunmen

The Gunmen consist of triplets born every generation. They possess a form of telepathy that allows them to know what the other is doing and how they will act.

Gunmen were hired to kill enemies of enslaved Mayans. Their mission in New York was interrupted by Cyberforce, and one of the brothers was killed. The cause is something they are willing to die for, and they knew that Cyberforce's intentions were good. The Gunmen then assisted Ballistic and Stryker to find info on Mekadom, they also helped them to destroy the Mekadom facility. The Gunmen then returned to their own mission.

Keya' Su' Matra

One form of Gunmen is Keya' Su' Matra, the Order of Silence. They are also known as Deathmen; like their gunmen counterparts they too use telepathy, but in addition they can transfer power from a dead member to other brothers. It's known that Killrazor was once Keya' Su' Matra, which means that he had two brothers, who now are possibly dead. Keya' Su' Matra however does not let their members to leave the order; so Killrazor was hunted down for leaving. The triplets who were sent after him were all killed by Killrazor.

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