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    A western bounty-hunter.

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    Note: There are three people known as Gunhawk;

    The first was an Atlas era cowboy named "Red Larabee" whom had his own series and first appeared in The Gunhawk Issue 12.
    The second, and more well known Gunhawk is Lee Barnett, whom made his first appearance in Western Gunfighters Issue 1.
    The third one is someone related to Wolverine, and can be found here.


    Gunhawk was a nameless gunfighter and bounty hunter who wandered the American West, dressed all in black and hunting down outlaws for money. His true name, his reasons for becoming a bounty hunter and the source of his unusual moral code are a complete mystery.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Blaze of Glory

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    In later years, Gunhawk rode alongside Caleb Hammer, a Pinkerton agent, in pursuit of the fugitive Kid Cold. He was trying to get the reward offered for bringing Kid Colt in, dead or alive.

    When circumstances led them to the town of Wondermand, he fought alongside Hammer, the Outlaw Kid, the Rawhide Kid, the Two-Gun Kid and even Kid Cold to defend the town from a band of Klu Klux Klan mercenaries known as the Nightriders. However, as soon as the Nightriders began to fall, Gunhawk turned on Kid Colt and shot him in the back, hoping to claim his price. Caleb Hammer however was witness to the happening and was so disgusted by Gunhawk's contempt for Kid Colt that he shot the Gunhawk dead.


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