Gundor Gorrok

    Character » Gundor Gorrok appears in 3 issues.

    An inter-galactic space-criminal and arch-enemy of Salden, Stan Lee's Superman.

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    A criminal in his home planet, the same world which comes Salden, the Superman. Gorrok have a grudge against the Law bringer by begin the one who put him behind bars for years.

    During a riot in prison Gorrok escaped from prison with an objective in his mind: revenge against Salden. In Salden's home he didn't found the officer, instead he found Lyella, Salden's wife. Without regrets, Gorrok killed Lyella, and then run away.

    Gorrok then stole a experimental ship but he didn't knew the Salden also was inside the vehicle. Both men fought and during the fight, the ship fled to Earth, where the spacecraft crashed.

    With new-found abilities Gorrok continued with his criminal lifestyle, posing as a god and controlling the inhabitants of a small tropical island but soon he was boring with this easy victory. After reach western civilization, Reverend Darrk of the Church of Eternal Empowerment offered him help in taking his revenge.

    Powers and abilities

    As Salden, Gorrok also have greater strength, speed and resistance due the lower gravity of earth. The thin atmosphere also makes him have also higher senses of vision and hear. His alien brain also let him learn human languages very easily.


    In his home planet, Gorrok used a stolen flying harness.


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