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Brell, of the planet Vassyra, was an athlete before war with his people and the Cynodd. Brell's background meant that he was a prime candidate to have Vassyr technology used on him, and it would have genetically upgraded him to allow him to serve as a Vassyr super soldier. His physical characteristics, fighting skills, and strength and endurance were increased. Gun Runner would lead a team compromised of other enhanced Vassyrians, Oracle, Heavy Duty and Lure. After a mishap with his ship Warbird, Gun Runner is put into suspended animation for a lengthly period of time, approximately 2 centuries, eventually finding his way and waking up on the planet Earth. 


Created by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning for Marvel UK. Gun Runner's origin and experiences closely resemble those of Captain America's albeit with an alien twist. The characters first appearance was in Gun Runner #1.  

Major Story Arcs   


Gun Runner makes a small cameo appearance in the Annihilation Wave, appearing at the planet Godthab Omega. This was shortly before the Annihilation Wave hit the planet unleashing planet wide destruction and chaos. It is unknown if Gun Runner survived.  

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced physiology that amplified natural skills and traits, the athletic Brell, becoming stronger, faster, more agile and more durable than before. Lifespan was also increased. Also aided by various technological implants granting improved tactics, vision, aim, and weaponry. Gun Runner can reach running speeds of up to 150 mph. Gun Runner is equipped with a manner of advanced alien weapons and technology. Most notably a triple barreled hand cannon that can discharge energy blasts, energy lasers, explosives, pulsarmite bullets, a cutting laser, a needle point thin laser, as well as rapid fire action. Gun Runner also has a small compact sonic based weapon.  
Physical Characteristics  
Height: 6'4" 
Weight: 260 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: White (Red when using internal targeting systems)    

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