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Colonel Gumm is a foreman of the Pink Chip Stamp Factory, but unknown to his employer was a criminal mastermind. He forged stamps which he sold to people while using the factory as his base of operations. His phony stamps caught the attention of the Green Hornet and Kato so they came all the way to Gotham City to stop him. Gumm had a penchant for disguise and used several aliases in order to fool his enemies. Gumm was eventually found out by his employer who threatened to go to the police, but she was taken hostage.

Gumm attempted to kill the Green Hornet and Kato once they came to the factory and they soon tangoed with Batman and Robin. They were tossed into a machine and made into life sized stamps with Batman and Robin soon to follow. However Batman and Robin escaped, but Batman realized that the Green Hornet and Kato were still alive inside Gumm's machine.

Gumm escape and while he held his employer Pinky Pinkston, he told her that he believed Britt Reid was Batman and that the Green Hornet was Bruce Wayne. However he abandoned Pinky in another factory where he went to this stamp exhibit in another disguise. He was found out again and soon Gumm and his boys got caught in the crossfire between Batman and the Green Hornet. Gumm was captured by the police and soon the Green Hornet escaped.

However Gumm was released from Gotham Penitentiary and began to concoct a new super adhesive. However an accident with the glue caused much of it to be permanently grafted to his face and hands. So Gumm promoted himself to General Gumm and then forged an alliance with the Joker. His caper was to steal some fossils headed to the Green Hornet's city as a way of proving himself to Joker to cement their partnership. He thought them dead after leaving them trapped on top a train thanks to his super adhesive. However both duos found Gumm and Joker, but soon Robin and Kato become hostages to Gumm and Joker.

After a "bank robbery" by the Green Hornet and Kato was foiled, the Dynamic Duo managed to track Joker down to run down fairgrounds. Batman and Robin engaged Joker's men and they were defeated, but Joker seemed almost happy about that. It wasn't until it was too late did the Caped Crusaders find out Joker and Gumm set a trap to capture them.

Gumm and the Joker have Batman and Robin pasted to a giant pasta stamp. They boast that because Batman and Robin are trapped via Gumm's super glue, they cannot escape. However Gumm and Joker learn that Batman and Robin did escape, so then they decide to drop a bomb on Gotham City Park.

After their so called bomb plot was foiled by both Batman and the Green Hornet, their plan continues to unfold. Gumm and Joker have taken Franco Bollo captive and demand six million dollars for his safe release. Gumm and Joker promise to kill Bollo should anyone attempt to rescue him. However the combined team of heroes track down Joker and Gumm to rescue Bollo. However Gumm and Joker escape the team of heroes. Bollo is safe, but it is soon learned that Bollo and Gumm were one in the same. The real Bollo had been in Cairo and Gumm had simply been masquerading as him the whole time. Their plan is found out because Gumm slipped up in his act as Bollo. Instead of using the Italian word for bomb which is "bomba", he used "bombo" which is Italian for bumblebee.

Joker and Gumm are defeated by the four heroes, which then causes the Green Hornet and Kato to slip away and Batman and Robin are left to wonder if they shall all meet again.


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