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Gumball is a young blue carefree cat who goes on crazy adventures with his friends while living at Elmore, a town where the impossible is possible. Though showing to have a reckless personality, he is always a kind hearted friend.

Skills & Abilities


despite being clumsy and lazy, Gumball is shown to be quite talented, having exceptional culinary skills as shown when he got a B+ in cooking class stating he ''could have done better''. He is also a skilled mechanic trying to build a cannonball to hit the moon ( but failed miserably ). He is shown to have genius ideas but at times they don't go so well.


He is also a good fighter as shown when he defeated tobias with ease while tobias claimed to have ( years of fighting training ). He later learned how to disintegrate a heart with a special technique.

Physical Capabilities

Despite being very weak sometimes, gumball is shown to have amazing physical abilities. As shown for strength he was able to punch a hole in the wall break down door, run through a concrete wall, rip a locker of it's hinges, bend a steel crowbar, break out of being encased in liquid cement after it hardened, through darwin out of a window, flipped a car over , lifted a treadmill with anais on it with ease, and knocked out a t rex. For speed, gumball is immensely fast having shown to become a blur at times. He once ran so fast, he turned into a fireball and made a police speed scanner explode. Gumball is shown to have great endurance as shown when he was thrown threw a wall and showed no pain at all, survive getting stomped on a by a t rex, and fell from heights equal to that of a skyscraper and showed minor pain

Reality Manipulation

Due to being a cartoon character, Gumball is able to manipulate reality with either pure though or even with out conscious effort. He is shown to regenerate from the most serious things including being broken part like glass and reforming himself with ease, being liquefied and form himself again, and even live from being stomped by a dinosaur. He is shown to turn an entire area into a video game world and perform energy attacks mostly like street fighter. He is able to shape shift into both inanimate and animate objects, such as turning into the incredible hulk. His ability to manipulate reality mostly happens with his emotions, as shown when he turns into monstrous humanoids at times when he is angry or upset, or make things catch on fire by pure rage.

He is able to create static electricity by rubbing his paws together, as well as fire but rarely demonstrates this ability. His most impressive feats however is when he uses his ability by will. He is shown to bend someone will with words as when he made Darwin heavier by just saying it. is abilities constantly expand for the series for comedic effects. so their is just no way to list all of his impressive feats in one list.


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