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    A young metahuman empowered by the enigmatic Dr. Nemo, Guillotina was a one-time enemy of Static. However, she turned over a new leaf after their latest run-in, and began attending Alva House, in hopes of controlling her powers and having some semblance of a normal life.

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    Guillotina was created by Static Shock writer John Rozum.


    Not much is known about the past of young Necahual Martinez, save that she was abused from an early age and that she one day ran away from home to escape that life. Homeless on the mean streets of New York, Necca's future looked bleak, and she knew it. Still, she persisted, and lived up to her namesake as a survivor.

    At some point in her later teenage years, she was abducted off the streets by Dr. Nemo, a geneticist from the city of Dakota, who helped in the creation of the mutagen known as "Quantum Juice." Using Necca as a guinea pig to test his purified Q-Juice on, Dr. Nemo's treatments quickly- and seemingly permanently- transformed her body into what can only be called "living razorwire." Though initially terrified by what she had become, Necca realized that her newfound powers were a blessing in disguise, despite her monstrous appearance. She now had the power to protect herself, to keep herself from ever being a "victim" again.

    Sometime later, Dr. Nemo formed an alliance with one of New York City's up-and-coming crime-bosses, Joey Piranha, in hopes of gaining access to the alien technologies used by another of New York's super-crime-boss, David Davidson. Unlike Necca, his Q-Juice abilities were slowly killing him and pulling him into the fourth-dimension. He needed this alliance to access their dimensional portal to Davidson's suppliers' home world, Darkstar, in hopes of stablizing his powers. To this end, he offered Piranha his purified Q-Juice, and had Necca act as a "beta test model" for the results he could expect by pitting her against the teenage superhero, Static, a recent transplant to New York from Dakota.

    As Guillotina, Necca performed incredibly well in her first battle against Static, holding her own against him without any formal combat training or full knowledge of her capabilities as a metahuman. However, Static's experience in using is powers and scientific know-how aiding in more creative uses of his powers eventually won out. He quickly had her on the ropes, forcing Dr. Nemo to teleport her way from the fight through 4th Dimensional space, an experience that terrified her, though she still felt obligated to help save his life.

    Joining up with Dr. Nemo and Piranha's gang for an assault on the Slaters, rival super-crime syndicate, Necca was appalled by the killers she had surrounded herself with, Alkalie in particular, who had aided in the supposed "murder" of Static and the kidnapping of the hero's recently cloned sister, Sharon Hawkins. When Alkalie was forced to kill one of the Slaters to protect Sharon, Necca's distain for him only grew, though her primary recourse at the moment was to calm Sharon down. She reassured the young girl and confided in her with her life story, promising her that they would survive this ordeal together, only to be interrupted by the untimely arrival of the NYPD.

    Escaping the firefight, she continued to escort Sharon to Darkstar with Piranha's gang and Dr. Nemo. Located in the middle of the East River, on South Brother Island, Dr. Nemo turned on Piranha when he and his gang were deemed unfit to recieve the K'llumnus' technology by Davidson, offering his purified Q-Juice as payment for safe escort through the Darkstar Deep Portal. When Davidson refused, Nemo dropped the Q-Juice through the portal, in hopes of mutating the K'llumnus in spite. In anger, Davidson and his alien warriors struck back, and a firefight ensued between his gang and Piranha's.

    Thankfully, the timely intervention of Static (who had faked his death), Hardware, and his protege Technique helped turn the tide, with Guillotina and Alkalie having already shifted their alliances in the face of Nemo's actions, only hoping to protect Sharon as they fought off both factions. In the end, Alkalie was revealed to be a clone of Static who had joined the gang in hopes of bringing Piranha and Nemo down. He told Static that he and Guillotina were a lot alike, two normal people who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, to which he was inclined to agree.

    After Alkalie sacrificed himself to close the Darkstar portal and destroy Davidson's fortress, Static spoke to Hardware on Necca's behalf, with Sharon vouching for her as well, having found a friend in her. Hardware agreed to help her out and take her to "Alva House," a special school of sorts where she could learn how to control her powers alongside others like her, other "Bang Babies" who had been through similar experiences who could be something of a family to her, an opportunity Necca found too good to pass up.


    Despite her fearsome appearance and razorsharp wit in combat, Necca is a very kind, gentle, compassionate person. She went out of her way to comfort Sharon Hawkins when she was frightened by Alkalie's murder of a Slater in her defense, consoling her and going as far as to confide in her and tell her how she got her powers and what her life had been like prior to that event. Over the short time they spent together, Necca became very protective of Sharon, almost motherly in some aspects. She has a distinct dislike for "natural-born" killers, which made her the odd-one-out in the presence of Piranha's more hardened gang members.

    In combat, Necca is a lot like Static in a number of aspects. She likes to quip and taunt her opponents, trying to unnerve them and provoke them into making an easy mistake that she can exploit. However, she uses the imposing nature of her powers and appearance to intimidate her enemies, adding a threatening edge to some of her quips that can come across as menacing at times.

    Powers and Abilities

    Exposure to a purified version of the Quantum Juice mutagen granted Necca incredible superpowers, thankfully without taking her life. However, the process seems to have permanently altered her physiological make-up. Her skin and hair have been altered to become something to the nature of steel shark-skin, with her hair now something akin to razorwire. Necca's steel skin consists of overlapping scalpel blade plates that she can lay flat or flex up into a menacing, defensive position to appear more threatening to her enemies. These plates are all razor sharp in nature, though only if touched from a particular angle, kind of like a porcupine. Stroke her from head to toe and she's smooth, shiny, warm steel, as though it were simply flesh with metallic qualities. Stroke her skin the opposite way, however, and your hand will be shredded and flayed to the bone within a matter of seconds. Her teeth have also been rendered metallic as well, becoming pointed like an animalistic predator. Her finger and toenails have become talons. Even her tongue is coated with scalpel plates!

    Offensively, as Guillotina, Necca's powers are incredibly deadly, though she is learning to curb their lethal potential. She can flex her scales to enhance her armor's combatative capabilities, and she can use her talons as slashing weapons which, when backed by her enhanced strength, can shred through incredibly tough materials. Her scales can also be used as improvised throwing knives, which she has used with a staggering degree of accuracy. Necca can also use her hair like a set of flails to whip at her opponent and inflict painful lacerations.

    However, there is a downside to her abilities. Aside from their obvious lethality, Guillotina's bladed scales render her practically incapable of ever being able to touch another human being directly. As glimpsed when she calmed Sharon Hawkins, Necca had to put on a special pair of thick gloves to put her hands on her shoulders and steady her, for fear she might accidentally rip her apart. This aspect also seems to hinder her ability to wear conventional clothing, hence her sky-clad appearance. Though she can be touched by others, they have to be careful not to go against her scales, always mindful of their scalpel-like edge.


    "Necahual"is Aztec, meaning "Survivor."


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