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Brief History

O' Brien, New York City police sargeant, didn't believe that his brother, Kevin, died accidentally in battle with Iron Man. He re-opened the case without authorization believing that there was a cover up of Iron Man's actions. O' Brien managed to get access to the Guardsman armor and put it on hoping to go after Iron Man. O' Brien was affected by the faulty cybernetic circuitry and as the Guardsman, insane with rage, attempted to kill Iron Man. During the battle, Guardsman was convinced by Iron Man that the armor had a malfunction that caused irrational behavior. Iron Man removed the Guardsman armor from O' Brien and took O' Brien into his custody rather than turn him over to the police.

After two separate battles with Sunfire and the Mandarin, Iron Man revealed that he was Stark to O' Brien. Stark repaired the malfunction in the Guardsman's cybernetic circuirty and the Guardsman hoped to make up for past mistakes. The Guardsman continued to be a reliable ally to Iron Man.

Later, the Guardsman was the security director at Project: Pegasus but resigned a few years later and came to work for the Avengers as part of the support staff. Years later, O' Brien was contacted by War Machine who was recruiting close friends of Iron Man to fight Ultimo.

The Guardsman was later stationed at the Super Villain Peniteniary known as the Vault.

Publication History

Michael O' Brien first appeared as himself in Iron Man vol 1 #82 and then first appeared as the Guardsman in Iron Man vol 1 #97.

Powers and Abilities

Guardsman Mark I

30 Minute Self Contained Atmosphere

Cybernetic Interface & Battle Computer

Chemical Fueled Boot Jets

Rechargeable Power Supply

Palm Repulsors

Guardsman Mark II

Short-Range Broadcast Power Batteries

15 Minute Emergency Battery Backup

Cybernetic Interface & Battle Computer

Chemical Fueled Boot Jets

Energy Dampening Field - Protected Armor from a strike that cracked a Mark I's shell.

Palm Repulsors (Enhanced)

In Other Media



  • Guardsman was featured in the Minimates line from Diamond Select.
  • Guardsman was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
  • Crimson Dynamo was featured in the Iron Man: Armored Adventures line from Hasbro.

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